How To Save And Make Money When Shopping Online

Do you ever feeling guilty for shopping online?

Especially when you watch those precious dollars leave your bank account?

I’m all about saving AS MUCH money as possible when shopping – online or in stores.

And when I say that I mean I’m like 110% dedicated to finding the best deals before I commit to anything.

No joke. 

The crazy lady that’s price matching in the corner of the store? That’s me.

The lady that takes out money from an envelope labeled “extra”? That’s me.

One thing I do to try to squeeze some more money back into my account is by using a super special site which I am sharing with you today. And that site is called Ebates. I’ve been using it for about a year but I keep forgetting to use it for every purchase. And every time I forgot to use it, I kick myself for not remembering.

So today I will be talking about what this site is, how you can use it, and my review of whether or not Ebates is a worth it (Pssst…it is!) There are a lot of cash back websites out there but Ebates is unlike the rest. You’ll see what I mean.

Click here to sign up for Ebates using my link, and when you spend $25 online, you will then receive a $10 cash welcome bonus as well!

Want to save some money when shopping online? Or what about even making a couple bucks back? A lot of sties that promise this kind of deal aren't the best, but I tried it so you don't have to! Click through to the post and check it out!


What is Ebates?

So you’ve probably heard of Ebates before but maybe you haven’t. Essentially, Ebates is a cash back site that gives you cash back when you shop online! How neat is that?

Each retailer has a certain amount of percentage that it gives in terms of cash back. Some are as low as 2% and some give up to 16%! So if you are shopping online frequently, the amount of cash back you can earn is varied. As of today, I’ve earned $85 cash back from only a few purchases.


That’s $85 saved for groceries! Or even Christmas presents!


How do you use Ebates to save & make money?

To earn money back from Ebates when you shop online, all you have to do is log into your Ebates account and click on whatever brand you are interested in shopping at. There are over 1,000 stores where you can earn cash back (including Amazon, Sephora, Walmart, Asos, Gap, etc.). So basically, every major retailer that has an online presence works with Ebates. Then, all you do is shop just like you normally would and you will earn cash back.


That’s all there is to it!


Another perk = coupon codes & discounts are A OK!

What’s great about is that you can still actually use coupon codes and discounts when you shop online. Other cash back sites don’t let you do that. I like to skim their website for special coupon codes before I even hit “shop” because sometimes the retailers themselves won’t mention the codes (booo).

So you can SAVE money and EARN money at the same time, which I think is pretty neat. It makes shopping a not so guilty pleasure.

And another thing that made me a huge fan was that Ebates is free to use! 

Here’s an example of a cash back offer for Kate Spade, and you can see there’s a coupon code as well. 

So… is Ebates a scam or is it a scam?

I tested this out so you didn’t have to. And from my own personal experience, it’s safe to say Ebates is NOT a scam. The transition from shopping to getting cash back was seamless, and they deposited the money into a PayPal account – so you can use it for more shopping or put it back into your bank account.

What I did was sign up for a free account and made a really small purchase to begin with (when you spend $25 you get $10), so I played it safe and ordered some cheap beauty products I needed anyways from Sephora.

I got my order and a few short days later I got a nice little “cash back” notification from Ebates. At the time, they were doing a double rewards day for shopping there and I got $5 back. Pretty sweet, right?

Ebates makes their money by being an affiliate, and that is how they are able to pay people like you and me. They make money whenever you shop through their link 


So yeah, not a scam and definitely worth it if you are shopping online frequently. The last major purchase I used Ebates on was getting new fall clothes and accessories from Nordstrom. Alas, Nordstrom is no longer affiliated with them (boooo!!!) but I made $15 in cash back, which ended my year at $85 in total cash back.

I remembered to use it last week (before writing this post) and really wondered how much I could have gotten in cash back if I was using it constantly. See what I mean? It’s not fun forgetting and NOT using it. That could have been used to get some cute spring shoes! Well one I remembered, I knew I had to share it with you again!


Do you use Ebates for your cash back website? How do you like it? Have you tried any other cash back sites? Let us know in the comments below! 

Hint hint: when you sign up through my link and spend $25 online, you will then receive a $10 cash welcome bonus!

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    I had heard about Ebates, but forgot about it. Great explanantion!

    Posted 4.11.17 Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    Such a great post! I love your recommendations !

    Xo, Lauren from

    Posted 4.6.17 Reply
  3. Jaime wrote:

    My brother in law swears by Ebates! I told him I’d prefer he use my affiliate links when buying online (LOL), but obviously he’d be silly to do that!! I need to sign up!! XO, Jaime Sunflowers and Stilettos

    Posted 4.5.17 Reply
  4. Mollie wrote:

    Wow Ebates sounds like a great service, I’ll definitely be checking it out!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 4.4.17 Reply
  5. Anna Cobbs wrote:

    I’m a mega sale shopper and don’t know how I haven’t heard of ebates!? Totally using it now!

    Posted 4.4.17 Reply
  6. Bella B wrote:

    Great tips, I will have to give them a try!!

    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  7. Ariel wrote:

    Ahhh! I love ebates! They’re so good. I forget to use them too and then I’m like…… ariel, why?? I need to get it together! I’m so glad you shared!

    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  8. I’ve always wanted to try Ebstes!!

    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  9. Rita wrote:

    Great post! I am all for saving money. Thanks for sharing the information, it is very useful.

    Rita |

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  10. Nina wrote:

    What’s not to love about this? Saving more sure helps in the long run!

    xx Nina

    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  11. Jessica wrote:

    Hi Mariam, thanks for the recommendation with eBates! Sounds like you did well with your cash back 🙂

    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  12. Dylan wrote:

    Sounds interesting, I might have to check it out.


    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  13. Mackenzie wrote:

    Ahhh I kind of want to try this now. I do the majority of my shopping online, so getting something back from that would be amazing! I’ve always thought it looked a little scammy, but I’ve seen a couple reviews now, and it seems legit.

    Perhaps I will give it a try!


    Posted 4.3.17 Reply
  14. Maggie wrote:

    I am all about saving money when shopping! It’s now what you spend, it’s what you save, right?! I love using ebates!


    Posted 4.3.17 Reply