How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance Like A Stylist

When I heard that Nordstrom’s Last Chance store opened in a suburb near me, I could not be more excited!

What is Last Chance? Only heaven….

But really, it’s where all things unsold or slightly damaged to to resell for HUGE discounts – I’m talking anywhere from 50- 90%. So it was only fitting that I took my mother shopping there for her birthday this past weekend and got her a few designer items that she’s been wanting at a very discounted rate. We left with 4 FULL bags of clothes and shoes!

Nordstrom Last Chance is a wonderful store to shop at but you definitely need a shopping strategy. In today’s post I’m going to be sharing my shopping tips and where you can find similar items I’ve purchased there.

Nordstrom's Last Chance store is an amazing place to get deep discounts on designer apparel and accessories! I save over $700 on designer shoes and purses on my latest haul. Click through to the post to see how I scored amazing discounts and what my best shopping tips are if you ever plan on going to Nordstrom Last Chance. Pin now and save for later & don't forget to share with all your girlfriends!


Nordstrom Last Chance Shopping Tips & Tricks

Get There Early

We had accidentally gotten there 2 hours before opening time…oops.

But there was already a very small line forming at the doors. Smart shoppers know to get there at the beginning of the day to snag up all the best items first.

Did we wait for two hours? Nah. We went to a Starbucks instead and came back 10 minutes before opening. The line hadn’t really gotten any bigger and we were ok with not being the first ones in the door. Going on and off time like Sunday morning is a pretty good idea.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

Grab First, Review Later

We did this team huddle before going in.

“Ok mom, grab first, review later”

And it worked! Once doors opened we each grabbed separate carts and went to different sections. There’s no point of inspecting every single item at first. It’s much smarter to just pile things into the cart and look at them later. Chances are, if you take your sweet time looking for damage or price point, you’ll just lose out on the amazing finds waiting for you. There was definitely a Kate Spade purse or two I wished I had taken instead of looking at a purse for 5 minutes deciding if it was going in the cart or not.

At the end of our trip, we found an empty corner of the store to actually review our items. I had no shame in just sitting on the floor trying on shoes, coats, and reviewing purses we had picked up. We created a “Buy” and “Put Back” pile. If we deduced to buy, it was put back into the cart. If we didn’t like the item, we put it aside and then walked back to put them away. So while everyone else was too busy being hesitant and indecisive while looking, we had enough time to really think about our purchases at the end.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

Work In Teams

I am glad I had someone there to help me out. What my mom and I did was take things off the rack that we thought the other might like – that way we covered more ground in less time. We went back to the sections together if there was more things to see or try on, like shoes.

My mom knows my style very well and I know hers – so it was nice to save time by picking things out for each other

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

No Price? Put Back Down

Some of the items we found did not have a price tag attached. I think a lot of people purposefully remove the price tags sometimes so that no one can buy the item. It’s a shame but I even saw accessories missing – like only one earring for sale.

I didn’t know this, but unless you can find an exact copy of the item which features a price tag, Last Chance will not allow you to purchase that item. This was especially saddening as I watched a beautiful Daine Von Furstenberg dress being taken out of my hands at the checkout and put away.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

People Will Be Rude

Unfortunately there are a ton of pushers and shovers in this world – and they all seem to gather at Last Chance’s purse section. Be prepared to keep your cart close by and be on your tippy toes as you reach into the sections of piled purses. Other people will come and knock you off balance (if you’re small and petite like me) or will shove your cart to the side and almost run over your foot.

During situations like this, it’s best to carry the most minima amount (a small cross body bag) and wear very comfy sneakers so that you can sprint here and there with your amazing new finds. If you go, just set a good example for everyone else and obey the rules.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

Best From My Nordstrom Last Chance Haul

On my haul I got $1,000 worth of stuff for only $249! What a steal!

Nude Heels

My first favorite find were these Cole Haan nude stiletto heels that I got for only $37.97. Their original price is $270. Cole Haan has the “Eliza” pump for only $190, but if you are looking for a budget alternative these Nine West nude heels are a steal.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

I really wanted a heel that was nude because it really elongates my body when I wear pastels or monochromatic nude outfits. I especially love nude heels for special occasions and dinner parties. And let’s face it, the Duchess of Cambridge is one of my style icons and she loves wearing her nude heels with everything (check out her favorite brand here).



Riding Boots

I scored a gorgeous pair of Sam Edelman ‘Penny’ Riding Boots. Yes, you read that right. EDELMAN! Guess how much they were? $20!! If that isn’t a great deal, I don’t know what is! If you want the Sam Edelman look for a little bit less I found these cute riding boots and also these.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou


Black Lace Up Flats

So I’ve been eyeing these Halogen Lace Up Flats for the longest time but I could never get myself to make the purchase. The last pair of flats I bought were from Loft. They were comfy but they broke within 2 weeks of wearing them. And I wasn’t wearing them everyday either. The laces broke and the laces are seen onto the shoe itself. I ordered another pair and the same thing happened.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

So I was really excited to find these black lace up flats for only $15! They’re on sale right now, but unfortunately they are almost sold out. No worries, I found a budget friendly pair here and here.


Fedora’s & Floppy Hats

I really love fedoras and floppy hats for the fall! They are excellent for keeping you warm and stylish at the same time. I got one fedora and one floppy hat for $6.00 each – both from Topshop. The fedora was actually from Topman but I don’t really care because I look cute in it!

Want a cute fedora and floppy hat? I found a budget friendly floppy felt hat here and a gorgeous wool fedora here.

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou

How To Shop Nordstrom Last Chance | The Petite Bijou



Sweaters Dress, Party Dresses, Other Shoes, Cardigans, & More!

Because everything was so last minute and I wanted to write this post up right away, I haven’t had the chance to photograph the lovely sweater dress, party dress, and many cardigans I purchased. Each day, Nordstrom Last Chance has a different deal of the day on the store floor. When I went, all dresses were an additional 30% off – so I ended up getting a $40 for $3 bucks. Not bad, eh?

I inspire to be one of the best fashion resources for women looking for elegant and simple lifestyle inspiration. So I want to make sure that my readers are aware of the best deals and sales out there. Right now, Nordstrom is having a huge sale on their fall items and I wanted to tell you about it! Things are up to 40% off and the deals there are just as good as the ones I got at Last Chance, especially if you are looking for really trendy accessories and apparel. Check the sale out here!

I linked some of my favorite finds from the sale right now below and I definitely took advantage of the sale to get a pair of winter boots!


If you loved this post, I would so appreciate it if you shared it with your friends via social media or email!

Have you ever shopped at Last Chance? What would you like to know about getting the best deals for designer items?Β 

xo Mariam

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  1. Nicole wrote:

    WoW! What a steal! Those are all great shoes at an unbelievable price! Thanks for the tips–I had never thought of working in teams when shopping! LOL

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    Keep smiling!
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  9. Wow, only $249?! I sadly don’t have a Nordstrom in Iowa so I have to shop online.

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  10. There is a Last Chance in Phoenix where I live and you are right, it is a totally different shopping experience. I was there last weekend and snagged a pair of Hunter Boots, a Kate Spade clutch and Jack rogers sandals all for $120! I totally bought the same pair of Sam Edelman Penny boots there too a few months ago. So much fun shopping there bc you never know what you’ll find!!


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  11. Mary wrote:

    what great tips, i always get so overwhelmed when shopping a sale!

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Aw, thank you Crystal! That’s so sweet πŸ™‚

      Aren’t those flats adorable??

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Yes! We drove to Lombard to shop there. Only about 30 minutes away from the city, you’ll love it!

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