How To Spring Clean Your Home In One Day

Spring is in the air, but it’s still cold so that means you’re probably like me – cooped up inside. Not only is it probably still too cold out to open the windows, but I bet you’ve got some major winter piles stocked up: blankets, laundry that needs doing, winter dust that has settled in. It’s too early to open the windows and dust every inch of your home out throughout the week, but it’s not too early to do a one day spring clean.

Spring cleaning is not fun but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by it. Follow my spring cleaning checklist (you can also download it below). Check off the list as you go and, when you’re done, your home will be as ready for the fresh spring air we’re all waiting for.

How to spring clean your home in one day

Start Gathering Like With Like

In one are of your home, designate a sorting space and start going through each room and gathering the items in sight that don’t belong. So if you have piles of clothes in each room, bring those piles into the main sorting space. Got makeup laying around? Bring it in and chuck it in a bin. This will help organize the clutter in each room and give you a clean slate the dust, vacuum, and wash. Make sure each item goes into a category pile that stays separated.

Next steps: Go through and see what needs to get washed in the laundry. Have loads running while you clean the rest of your home. Double duty!


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First, empty your fridge and throw away old expired food and drinks. Then, using a mixture of 1 part baking soda and 1 part water, scrub the inside of the fridge with a cleaning rag. When dry, put everything back in an organized way: sorting like with like such as veggies, fruit, beverages, etc.

If you’ve done this quickly. try doing the same for each cabinet, except just dusting the inside. If you don’t have time, look around and take everything off the counters. Then using a mixture of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle, clean the counters. Then put everything back (don’t forget to clean appliances). If you’ve missed something in your sorting process, move it to the designated sorting space to organize later.

Bijou Tip: Use these kitchen organizers to store food or spices in your pantry. They will save you some much needed cabinet space!



How to spring clean your home in one day

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Moving on to the bedroom, start by removing and washing all your bedding. Feel free to crack the windows open a bit so you can let in some fresh air. I do this for every room I’m cleaning because of my asthma. Remember, you’ve already removed everything off the floor and dressers. Any little knick knacks or “items” should be in the designated sorting space at this point. So all that’s left to do is clean.

Starting from the inside out, take out everything in any drawers, dust the inside of them with a dusting rag, and then fold or sort everything back in a neat fashion. Once that is done. starting from the top down, dust everything in site: dresser, mirrors, fans, bed, and then the base boards. Next you should sweep, vacuum, or mop depending on your bedroom surface.

Bijou Tip: For a mop that also sanitizes using the power of natural steam, check out the Shark Steam Mop that is also chemical free and has a washable mop head.



Using the same vinegar and water mixture from cleaning the kitchen, head to your bathroom and start by spraying the inside of the toilet, tub, shower, and sink with the mixture. Leave it to sit. Throw any towels or bath rugs into the wash. Next, take everything out of the bathroom drawers and go through and throw away any old medications, makeup, or bath products. While you’re organizing, dust the inside of anything and put everything back using a small storage bin with labels of your choice. I like these plastic storage bins and this under the sink organizer for my bathroom.

Next, using a toilet brush, clean the inside of the toilet. Then using a separate rag, clean the outside of the toilet with the vinegar mixture. Using a different rag, clean the counter tops, sink, handles, and other surfaces with the vinegar mixture. Lastly, sweep and mop the floors. Feel free to put back any washed towels or bath rugs.


How to spring clean your home in one day

Living Rooms + Other Rooms

Starting from the top down, dust everything in site: fans, cabinets, bookshelves, and baseboards. Then use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum with brush to clean the couch. Sweep and vacuum last. Do this for every remaining room. Spend less than 30 minutes in each room. Remember, you want to get all of this done within the day so you can spend the rest of your week enjoying your home! Instant progress is the best kind when it comes to cleaning.


The Designated Sorting Space

Now time to tackle the piles of things you’ve set aside in your designated sorting space. Here’s where extra bins, baskets, and storage drawers will be your BFF, so bring those in for the ride too.

First, start with one category and make 3 piles: keep, donate, throw away. Sort everything within that pile into those three. For the things you’ll keep, pick a bin or storage drawer to keep things in. If it’s clothes, go and put those away into your closet. For the things you want to donate, put them into a plastic bag to give away. For things you want to throw away, simply gather up a large garbage bag = you’ll be putting unwanted  everything from your piles in there. Repeat for each pile and each category until you’re all done. Then dust and vacuum the area.

Congratulations! You’ve just spring cleaned your house in one day! If you’d like to do a more thorough clean of smaller spaces (like closets), save those for tomorrow. The point of doing it all very quickly is to actually see progress. The more clutter there is to sort through in a week, the more painful the cleaning process actually gets.

Here are some of my favorite storage, cleaning, and organizational items to have.


Need a cleaning checklist? Download your free printable checklist below.



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    Thank you for these spring cleaning tips! It’s cold where I am as well, but I love spring cleaning and feeling like things are fresh!

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for stopping by. I think we’d like to pretend it’s warmer haha! But yes, cleaning makes it feel so much more like spring


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  24. I’m a clean freak so I love this post! so many great ideas that I can borrow. thanks for sharing!

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Hey there!

      Thanks for checking this out. Hope you enjoy the tips and the checklist!


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  25. Suzanne wrote:

    I like these strategies to spring cleaning, I will try some of these storage units.

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Thanks Suzanne,

      The best cleaning tip I have ever received was that you’ll never get clutter free if you don’t attack it all at once. I hope these strategies help you!


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  26. Gita wrote:

    Dude, this was my past weekend activity and I definitely did not finish in one day. Probably because my pregnant self keeps having to take naps lol

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    • Mariam wrote:


      Take it easy! I’m sure it’s difficult. How many rooms do you have? I think it’s time to call in some extra hands to help out haha!

      Wishing you well,

      Posted 4.2.18 Reply