How To Style A Bodysuit

I really wasn’t into this when it first started popping up in stores.

“Yeah, no thanks” I thought as I saw a bodysuit with a long piece for the crotch.

They wouldn’t fit, they’d be frumpy, nice idea but no….

Until…I mustered up the courage to try it out. With quarantine still into effect, trying a bodysuit with no one around seemed like a good idea. Let me tell you something, it was.

And here’s an outfit combination for bodysuits that not only look professional, but also extremely timeless. Think Parisian chic.

How To Wear Bodysuits

Outfit: Black Bodysuit (sale under $12) // Cotten Crop Pants // Black Espadrilles // Vintage Black Purse (similar here and here) // Celine Baby Audreys (similar here)

How to wear a bodysuit – the best outfit combination!

Here’s the thing about bodysuits: they can be scary when you first think about trying them on.

It’s always the way with trends, but we shouldn’t be so afraid to try them. After all, trends are mostly inspired by the past. Bodysuits have been around for a long time, forgotten, and then looped back around again.

You want to know how to wear them?

Well, there’s many ways you can: tuck them into skirts, both long and short. Tuck them into shorts for summer. They come in camisole form or t-shirt form.

But my favorite way to wear them? This style combination…

The winning combination: bodysuit + neutral pants

If you want an automatically chic and effortless look, go for this combination: a neutral bodysuit with neutral pants.


For neutral bodysuit ideas, think beige, white, black, or gray bodysuits. They can be camisole form or t-shirt form, whatever your preference.

Tuck that into a neutral pant: white. beige, grey, or black. You can even swing navy or red pants if you are feeling adventurous, but stick to whatever you feel comfortable with to start.


Add a pair of neutral heels. Notice a trend here?

This quick and easy outfit combination just screams sophistication to me. It made me feel like a million bucks with the addition of a vintage purse and cat eye sunglasses. I almost felt like I was in Europe on a business meeting…almost.

Much of this outfit inspiration came from my Parisian Style board on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me there and check it out for daily outfit ideas from other creators! It’s my favorite place to get inspired.

What do you think of this outfit combination? Is it elegant and something you would wear? Have you tried the bodysuit trend yet? Would love to hear from you. Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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