How To Travel When You Like Many Outfits

How To Travel With Many Outfits

Deciding on what to wear while traveling is never easy. First you have the “what do I wear while on plane/in car?” question. Then you need to figure out which outfits you will need during your stay. And what if you have a lot of different events or places to go?

If you’re anything like me, you like to change outfits – and often.

Call me crazy, but I don’t like to show up for dinner in shorts and a tee shirt from spending the day outside exploring a park. I like to get dressed up – looking my best, feeling fresh and clean. Which means in the span of 5-7 hours, I would need 2 outfits.

Obviously repeating outfits DAILY is a big no no. So what’s a fashion loving woman to do?

Below I’ve rounded up the best tips I could find on carrying a lot of clothes with you without actually feeling like you are. I don’t want you carrying around 6 suitcases, but I also don’t want you to run out of outfits!


1. Plan Outfits Ahead of Time

Take into account where you are going, what events you.are going to, and what the weather is forecasted to be like. Pick out the main outfits according to most important to least important.

I would count dinners, meetings, and activities like swimming, hiking, etc as most important.

Depending on your trip type, you should have at least one outfit for each day – try and see if you can repeat any parts of the outfit (not the whole outfit). So for example, can you rewear a skirt another day? Or maybe you can get away with only taking one pair of shoes? Think it through so you may try to save some space in your luggage.

Determine what you will wear for those occasions/activities and then look at the other outfit categories: sleepwear, plane ride, lounge, etc.

Bijou Tip: Lay out your clothes & accessories to make complete outfits for each occasion/activity. That way you can see what you will wear and so there is no last minute “oh my gosh I have nothing to wear” moments.



2. Snap A Picture

Once your clothes are laid out on the bed, snap a photo of the complete outfit and leave it on your phone. You will automatically know what looks good, which accessories you need, and how you want to style the outfit. I do this when I know for sure that I feel great about what I will be wearing and when I arrive at the hotel, I can just put the outfits together immediately.

Pretty savvy no?


3. Get Compartmentalizers buy in terms of travel accessories I’ve ever made was compartmentalizers! They fir in your luggage and allow you to carry more than what would fit if you just straight up packed it!

I packed a week full of outfits, shoes, accessories, and my computer in a carry on luggage using just 2 storage cubes!

My favorites are these luggage storage cubes from Amazon, but you can also find any storage cubes at places that sell luggage. Just don’t pay too much for them – you want a good stretchable material but not over $100! I definitely recommend these as the best budget friendly option.




The key is to divide & sort so that all the storage cubes fit nicely in your luggage and create an even distribution of weight. Keep everything nice and snug by following the next step.


How To Travel With Many Outfits


4.  Roll Your Clothes & File Fold

To save space in your storage cubes and/or luggage, you should roll your clothes or file fold them. This saves space and ensure your clothes do not get wrinkled, which is great if you can’t get an ironing board or steamer.

Rolling Clothes Tutorial: click here

File Fold Tutorial: click here

I learned the file fold method through Marie Kondo who is the Author of the KonMarie organizational method. I wrote about how this method has helped organize my home and personal life in this blog post. But her method on folding clothes is a space saver for sure! When you file fold, you can essentially pack more into less, which is what we are aiming for.

Read more about the KonMarie method here and implement either of the folding methods for when you pack your outfits. I promise it’s going to be such a life hack. Like I mentioned, I was able to pack outfits for a whole week in just a carry on without having to repeat any outfits.


5. Store In Unexpected Places

Tank tops rolled up in your laptop case? Go for it! Just don’t forget where you’ve put it. I like to do this with intimates. I usually chuck them in small pouches and put them in my toiletries. That way they don’t get pressed up against some of the rolled up clothes. You also don’t need a seperate storage cube for jewelry. Just don’t take any or if you do, put it into a small box (like teeny tiny) and put with your makeup. Find little nooks to store socks, shoes, and other accessories you may need.

And of course the best tip I can give you: don’t need it, don’t take it. 

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