My January Beauty Picks

If there’s one thing I would really like to change in 2018 it’s my beauty routine. For the past few months I have been using really outdated makeup, brushes, and skin care products that have been breaking me out like crazy. There definitely needs to be a change.

I didn’t even plan on getting any new products but my mom was so excited to try the Dr. Dennis Gross skincare line after we listened to the Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast that morning. I’ll talk more on this later, but the insight from that episode made her want to stop in Sephora right away.

Of course that’s when the makeup bug hit me hard!

We spent at least an hour (if not more – I can’t remember) just testing samples & reading descriptions. I decided not to wait to buy my new makeup and products & got some pretty great things that I thought I’d share with you.

I think you’ll really like these – I’m loving EVERYTHING so far!



Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads

I tried these peel pads when he FIRST came out with them. They were life changing as I’ve been dealing with horrible acne and scarring because of Steven Johnson’s Syndrome. I’m not the prettiest face around the block (third degree like burns are not fun), so anything that can help me look normal – I’m game.

These peel pads are 2 step and super easy to use. Definitely check out his podcast interview here but basically you use these peel pads DAILY. That’s right, everyday! I have not experienced any irritation. In fact, my face is so much more smoother than ever before.

And the acne that was being cause by the Sunday Riley sleeping oil & acid is healing because of these pads.

It’s a miracle! Pricey…but worth every penny. Check them out here.



Drybar On The Rocks Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner

If you follow me on Instagram you already know I’m a fangirl of Drybar. When I went in to get my hair blown out for this post, the stylist encouraged me to try their new products, the Clarifying Charcoal ‘On The Rocks’ Shampoo & Conditioner. The charcoal helps break down buildup and basically make everything squeaky clean. Think of it as a better version of Head & Shoulders. The conditioner than replenishes the hair. And it all smells so good (like all their products).

Ouai Wave Spray & Smoothing Spray

I needed a wave spray & this brand is popping up everywhere on my Instagram so why not try it? It’s been great so far and it’s definitely not as harsh as some of the sea salt spray’s I’ve tried. My frizzy hair is always messing up my waves so the smoothing spray works really great for that. Be warned though – everything is VERY PERFUMEY. 

I blowdried it to a hint of the scent – so be prepared if you don’t like perfume smells.



Tarte Clay Face Shaping Palette

An all in one (& for some reason smells like chocolate), this face palette has such timeless colors and is perfect for green eyes and fair skin! Although I think this works so well for other types of skin and eye shades too. I loved the contour colors individually but buying all 3 is as expensive as this whole palette – so why not get eyeshadow too? Check it out here.

Sex Kitten Eyeliner

I love their tube gel eyeliner but wanted to try this one that has the precision of a liquid pen but with gel (which is so much better for you if you were contacts or scleral lenses like me). Just to make sure it works, I put this on my hand at the store and then put a few of my eye drops on it haha!

It stayed put! A win! Check it out here.

Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Paint

3 is the lucky charm! I got one more Tarte product and this one is their matte liquid lipstick. I purchased the color Festival because it was a great dark nude with rosy undertones – perfect for everyday use when I’m not rocking the red lipstick. Their reds are so pretty too so next time I’ll have to get it! Check it out here.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation

Winter means I get paler and paler…ghost pale. And I get very red.

So I need a foundation that didn’t turn me yellow or too pale! I tried this one at the store and it blended in quite beautifully. The foundation is full coverage and has a matte finish so you don’t look too oily. I got this foundation in the color Ivory 0.75. Check it out here.

What beauty products are you using in January? Have you ever tried any of these? Did you like them or were they helpful?

I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Devinne wrote:

    Girl, this is an awesome haul! I’ve been looking for a contouring palette like that for my ghostly skin. In fact, I’ve been so desperate that I’ve been using an eyeshadow (although I gotta admit that the eyeshadow does a pretty good job). I also need to try that Tarteist lip paint—I really want Extra.

    Posted 1.9.18 Reply
  2. The peel pads sound so interesting! I’m trying to be more consistent in doing a mask regime every weekend and this sounds like something I’d want to try. Also can’t believe you got acne from Sunday Riley I loved that oil! Thanks for sharing! Great list.

    Posted 1.8.18 Reply