What’s In My Shopping Cart: March

When a woman “browses” online, it’s a dangerous thing…

And you know what you can almost guarantee 99% of the time?

A full shopping cart – but before she makes a purchase, she deletes maybe…oh, I don’t know, 20 items?

Jokes aside, this is something I do every month. And I NEVER end up buying anything. I’m a serial window shopper and always looking for the best deals, so you know, it takes me a while to commit to a purchase.

But it’s fun! Because I can share all of my almost finds with you guys and maybe it’s something you’d love to buy. If we have similar styles, I would love to get to know you! Leave a comment with your favorite “in my cart” item for March!

March Shopping Cart | The Petite Bijou


Drybar Big Crimpin’ Crimping Iron (Limited Edition)

This is something I am definitely considering since I miss crimping irons! I used to crimp my hair ALL the time in middle school and high school. And I really don’t care if I do it in my 20’s! Haha. And of course, it’s Drybar, so what’s not to love?


Flamingo Hooded Robe

I know spring is right around the corner with warmer temps, but as soon as I get home I love to change into the fluffiest and warmest things I own. This robe is really cute for those cold spring and summer nights. I also have a tucan and flamingo theme going on in my closet so this robe is perfect!


Woven Block Heel Sandals

How cute are these sandals? I love the striped bow, it’s very summery and feminine. The only issue I have with wearing these is that my feet are very narrow. I definitely need a slingback version of these so they can stay on my feet. My mother always said I have #cinderellafeet because it’s so hard finding shoes that fit me!


Michael Kors Cat Pin

The most Mariam thing on this list is this $15 Cat pin which I totally pressed “order” on. Cats rule, end of story. And how cute would this look with a black sweater? Very.


Cold Shoulder Mini Dress

Wear it down or spruce it up with a cute white cardigan for the loveliest spring outfit. I actually think this would look very cute with the block sandals above and a cardigan! It’s only $55 and comes in white too – so you can find a pink cardigan and have a cute easter vibe going.


Will You Accept This Rose Tumbler

Not a Bachelor or Bachelorette fan but this tumbler is so stinkin’ cute! I think it’s very retro looking so this would be great for summer when you want to order a venti iced tea to go from your favorite cafe. Or you could be healthy and have water….either way, this tumbler is on my wishlist!


Drybar Mai Tai Spray

I’m all about that sea salt wavy hair. I’ll mark that down to my childhood summers spent in Florida. They were probably the best memories I had – everyone got along, the sun out all the time, and tranquility with the waves. This is the best texturizing sea salt spray I’ve tried and just ran out of. Have you tried this?


Which item would you put into your shopping cart? Let me know in a comment below and if we have the same taste in things, let’s be bff’s! Thanks for stopping by.

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