My Daily Hair Products

I always get questions from you all about what I do to my hair and what products I use.

So today I’m giving you the scoop on all of my favorite hair care and styling products. These are products I use regularly and have used for about a year before reviewing them for you here.

My hair journey reflected my personal journey in finding myself for a while. And I finally feel like it’s where I want it to be.

My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijou


Hair Products I Love

First off, I have very thick and coarse hair. So these products are very specific to me and what I need in a daily hair care routine. Some of these products won’t be for you, some might

Let’s start with the only 2 styling tools I use very regularly, because you might have to save up for them, but I promise you they are SO worth the investment.

The Drybar 3 Day Bender Curling Iron with the 1.25 inch barrel is the easiest curling iron I have ever used, and that’s saying a lot as my hair is very thick and usually can’t hold a curl to save it’s life. The trouble that I was having with other curling irons was that they weren’t able to securely hold the hair, so I never got a good curl. Well this curling iron rotates with ease and holds my hair perfectly!

Next, we have the T3micro Single Pass Luxe is my go to hair straightener. For some reason, I used to never be able to swipe a hair iron down my hair and get it to work. My hair would be wavy at best. But this beautiful tool is not only pretty to hold, but gets the job done. It’s also super lightweight, which is a big plus for me. Having a lot of hair means spending a lot of time styling it. No one wants to hold a heavy iron.




T3 micro Single Pass Luxe

T3micro Compact Luxe


My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijiou

My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijiou

So a few of my other daily hair products include the Drybar Triple Sec, the Drybar Detangling Spray, and the CAKE Restorative Tonic.

When I’m out of the shower, I spray the Drybar Prime & Prep Detangling Spray on my hair because, like I said, my hair is a messy mess. It’s super thick even when wet and detangling it without using this spray or this detangling brush will not be ok. I need to use these products or my hair will break when I try to comb through it with my fingers or a regular brush.

Before I start really styling my hair, I rub in a few drops of the CAKE Restorative Tonic to help stimulate new growth. I have a few patches on my scalp from when I was in the Burn Unit and my scalp was scarred. They are super tiny spots where my hair is just really slow to grow, especially around my temples – my stylist said it was because my bangs were getting cut in funky ways and made it too heavy. It helps my hair grow, I think. I really like it!



My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijou

My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijou

My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijou

My Daily Hair Products | The Petite Bijou

Once I’m done styling my hair, I use the Drybar Triple Sec Spray to add texture and a very light shine. This spray was something I got put on me during a demo and I loved how it made my hair very bouncy, shiny, and gave it some more definition. Plus, it smells of Drybar and that smell is so good.

On the Daily?

Not everyday, but close enough! I don’t know about you, but my hair has a tendency to get oily pretty fast. I don’t wash my hair everyday and I usually try to style my hair a day after the wash so it’s not so damaging. But I’m finding that my water intake has a lot to do with how my hair ends up feeling. The more I consume, the less I tend to need to wash my hair. Environment also has a lot to do with how many toxins you are getting on your scalp. My hair always gets oiler when I’m traveling.

Alright now you know all my secrets. It’s just about investing in quality products and tools. Also, making sure you’re not using 6 or more products every time. Just be light on usage: don’t use more than you need.

I’m always on the lookout for new products so please share your recommendations in a comment below!

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