My Favorite Apps For Productivity

So I am a multitasking queen. I try to get a lot done in a short amount of time. At any given day, you can find me on my computer and my phone at the same time. And it’s not the best way to work, but it’s how my brain deals with tasks.

Are you someone who also likes to be productive? I think it starts during childhood – pressure from school, parents, peers. You’ve got to be everything and everywhere to everyone.

Well it’s a habit I’ve never kicked. I was (and still am) one of the high achieving perfectionists that often has emotional meltdowns due to comparison and perceived “lack of time”.

So making my day “work” is not as easy as it seems. I have really stepped into more deliberate rest in the past few months and have staggered my work load to help me emotionally cope with my tasks.

One of the ways I have streamlined my work and productivity is through a few taps and websites. So if you’re looking for tips on being more productive through iPhone applications, you’ll want to read this post.

This is especially going to be helpful if you have read this and thought “that sounds a lot like me”. Keep reading to learn how I manage to stay productive with helpful productivity apps.

1. Pages

I use the Pages app all the time to write first drafts of all my blog posts. One of the things I’ve learned about myself is I’d rather sit down at my computer to edit posts and images rather than create them. And I’ve challenged myself to write one blog post a day when I’m doing my lung treatments (which takes like 15-20 minutes of just sitting there as a lung vest helps clear my chest). I use those minutes to write as much as I can from my editorial scheduler.

Then I email the blog post to myself by exporting it to a Word document. You can use the Pages app for just about any writing assignments or outlines. I definitely prefer it over the Notes app that is already included in most phones. It’s just easier to export and work from.

2. Airtable

I absolutely love Airtable, the application and the website. I use it for everything with my blog and business: content calendars, brand assist management, tracking invoices, tracking orders, pitch lists, you name it!

You can sign up for free by clicking this link. If you’re also a blogger, a business owner, or work for a business that could use some better cowering tools, Airtable is a perfect choice.

The app itself is by go to for seeing what content needs to be written, shot, edited, etc. I can quickly pull it up, see what is coming for the the next week, and create content on the spot.

3. Plann

This app is very specific for social media usage but I’m going to mention it anyways because I use it on a daily basis to manage my various social media platforms and those of clients as well. It’s specifically used for Instagram management. I use it to preschedule all my content that ends up on my Instagram feed.

It’s good social media practice to have a feed that is aesthetically pleasing. So that means making sure pictures look cohesive together. I’m not the best at this because I love too many things (I really don’t like accounts that just post one subject over and over0. Like, how boring is it to constantly see people’s outfits?

Anyways, I try to stay consistent with at leas the feel of my pictures – which I describe my brand and my aesthetic in more detail in this blog post.

4. Canon Camera Connect

After receiving this Canon camera for the holidays (currently on sale!), I’ve been using it for all my photoshoots (including client photoshoots). Sometimes I need to post on the spot. It’s a BIG hassle to upload the photo to the computer, edit on there, and then email or airdrop the photo to yourself.

Skipping this whole process is as simple as the Canon Camera Connect application which just uses wifi enabled sharing to send yourself photos and videos from your Canon camera right to your phone. You can then edit the photo or video right from any phone applications you use (more below).

I really love this camera for high quality photography and videography. It’s used by the world’s most famous Youtubers and influencers and has a wonderful subject tracking feature that many cameras lack. So this camera and this app are gold standard for me.

5. Lightroom Mobile

While I do like using photo editing applications like A Color Story and Katie One App, nothing beats Lightroom mobile!

It works just like Adobe’s Lightroom application on desktops. If you’ve already mastered photo editing through Lightroom then using this app is a breeze. For newer users, this tutorial is really great for mobile editing. The beauty of the Lightroom app for me is that I can use my Bijou presets on any photos and upload them right away to my social media accounts.

And yes, I have a preset line! It’s coming out soon. I had to push it back due to unforeseen circumstances in the world…but they’re coming along! The preset pack includes (subject to change) 6 signature presets that really embody the Bijou brand. They’re classic, a bit vintage, and very versatile.

If you want to learn more, sign up to my email newsletter list below because all my Bijou subscribers will be the first to learn about the preset sale and will also receive a FREE subscriber only preset (not available in the pack). And they will receive this for free! No purchase necessary. Sign up below to be one of the first to know when the presets launch!

So those are my favorite productivity apps. Nothing too fancy or complicated but the first two apps are life changing for me because they allow me to work at double the speed! I don’t know about you, but working at a computer makes me a bit tired and it makes me feel really constricted. So that’s why I do love multitasking on both my phone and computer!

What about you? How do you stay productive? Do you use any apps? Let me know which ones in the comments below!

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