My Visit to the RewardStyle Office

My Visit to the RewardStyle Office | The Petite Bijou

My outfit: Dress (sold out) // Circle Purse // Sandals (sold out)

On Friday, I was fortunate enough to visit the RewardStyle office in Dallas, TX. This trip was really important to me. RewardStyle has empowered me to monetize my influence and make an income from my blog through fans and readers shopping my outfits and recommendations. Today I want to introduce you to the platform and why this trip was important.

But I was really anxious to go in actually…

I was scared my disability was getting in the way of being a influential blogger.

I was scared my modern vintage style wasn’t working. What if you guys secretly hate it? How would I even transition my blog?

All these questions were top of mind for me this summer. But visiting the RS office has put my mind to ease. I may not be a blogger that links to every darn thing on sale all the time. I don’t often feature too many expensive/luxury items. But I’ve been told I make a difference and inspire women that read my blog to find their own unique style.

That’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. And thanks to RewardStyle, I can make it happen.

So here’s a behind the scenes look at my visit to RewardStyle, how to use their app to shop my looks, and what I learned about being a “unique” blogger.

The whole time touring the RewardStyle office, I was so impressed by the dedication to company culture and employee happiness. This was a beautiful and community filled office!

My Visit to the RewardStyle Office | The Petite Bijou

What Is RewardStyle?

RewardStyle is a Dallas based company that helps influencers and online platforms monetize their websites through affiliate links and brand collaborations. So, let’s take my blog as an example.

As stated in my policies, I may make a commission off of a click through my page. So if I recommend an item, you click the link, then you buy it, I may make a commission off of that sale.

However, you don’t pay extra for me to make a commission. This is the beauty of RewardStyle. It’s essentially, online sales!


How RewardStyle Helps Me

Commission from affiliate links helps keep this blog going. Every month, I have to pay tons of fees to keep this website running. When I make a commission, 90% of it goes back to my site fees. This is truly amazing, since I would have never imagined I would ever be inspirational enough to have someone buy my outfit head to toe.

As a disabled woman, this is huge for me. I don’t fit the standard blogger stereotype and sometimes I feel as though a lot of women: people of color, medical conditions, and different styles, are not represented enough in the blogging community. I’m happy that I have readers who don’t care about looking the same. Cheers to you!


What I Learned From My Visit

I learned that I shouldn’t care about what others are doing.

For the past few months, I have thought about what’s next for my blog and platform. I have questioned what my readers really want to see, why my Instagram doesn’t seem to grow, and when can I finally say I “made it” as a blogger.

The lovely ladies at RS spoke to me honestly and truthfully about my blog. They gave me wonderful feedback and here’s one takeaway you should know:


There, I said it. Yes, it’s true. Being unique is going to pay off in the long run. Want to write about kittens? Cool. Do that.

Don’t feel like you need to wear/post the same things every other blogger is posting. The market is overwatered and being unique is the way to win in the long run.

My Visit to the RewardStyle Office | The Petite Bijou

How to BIJOU with RewardStyle

The app has over 1.5 million users shopping their favorite outfits from influencers just like me on a daily basis.

You will never miss a shoppable post I share by following me in the app, as your homepage surfaces all of my content (even secret content) in chronological order. Plus, once you’ve downloaded the app, you can also screenshot any of my posts on Instagram to instantly get the product details for my look.

You can also look at my shop page, but the app is way more convenient if you’re shopping/browsing a lot on your phone. I use it often to find cute pieces other bloggers wear.



I’m giving away a $100 gift card to Nordstrom to one lucky Instagram & LTK app follower.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is right around the corner! To enter this giveaway

  1. Follow me on Instagram here:
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Winner will be announced  on my Instagram stories July 12th 2018. You may only enter if you live in the United States and are over 18. This giveaway is not sponsored by Nordstrom or RewardStyle. 


Are you a blogger or shopper using RewardStyle? What do you think of it? What questions do you have? I’d love to know!

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