The Petite Bijou Reader 2017 Survey Results

The results are in!

This past weekend I conducted the first Petite Bijou reader survey since 2 years ago. Can you believe how much time has flown by? The last time I created a survey, I was just a newbie blogger who thought she needed to poll her audience right away. Surprisingly, I got some similar feedback this time around. So what did my audience survey look like this time around?

I wanted to share with you a few things:

  • Who the Petite Bijou readers are
  • What they like to read
  • What the don’t like to read
  • Specific feedback & suggestions

Conducting a survey for your audience, whether you are a business or a blogger, is a crucial step. It helps with getting feedback and making a plan of action to serve them better – which is what I ultimately want to do.

I started this blog because I saw a need in the blogging sphere. Not to call anyone out – but most of the lifestyle and fashion bloggers out there post unreliable and frankly – unintelligent content. There’s usually no context into what they are saying. They don’t solve problems. They don’t try to understand their audience.

This is why as a blogger, I want to produce beautiful inspirational, aspirational, and intellectually stimulating blog posts & photos.

Are you still with me? Good. It means you want that too! 

So without further ado, I will now tell you all about this survey and what you want to see from me on the blog this quarter and next year.

10 Things About Blogging | The Petite Bijou

Who are Petite Bijou readers?

It’s a fempire people – ALL of my readers are women aged 25-35. Most of them live in the US but we have a few readers in the UK, France, and Australia! That was such a refreshing thing to know. In the US, my readers live in the midwest, southwest, or on the east coast.

Because I had some people I know tell me they took the survey, i can tell you a little bit more about them.

Some of them are creative entrepreneurs, other bloggers, writers, and people who work in fashion & beauty.

80% of my readers are early birds and love to read my blog first thing in the morning. They love to be on Instagram and most of them find out about new posts I have on there.

Fun fact: they LOVE shopping in stores rather than online – which is so interesting because 90% of the time I shop online instead,

What do Petite Bijou readers like to read on the blog?

70% of my readers love to read my outfit posts

20% like to read my blogging tips

& 10% like to read my lifestyle posts.

This is interesting. For starters – i’m always very worried my fashion & outfit posts are not as well written as my other posts. They are more visual then informative. The feedback I got (which I will discuss) is that my readers would actually love to see more of my outfit posts & also learn how to be elegant and luxurious in their everyday lives.

Sounds a bit like my tagline – inspiring elegance in everyday life. 

This means that my tagline is well branded and that my audience understands that.

So what will my content look like after learning this? Well first I want to discuss what my audience doesn’t like.

What Petite Bijou readers do not like to read on the blog

This one had mixed results. But 33% of readers did not want to read about local Chicago or travel posts.

16% did not want to read about marketing or blog tips

16% did not want to read about lifestyle posts

16% did not want to read about shopping recommendations or sale posts.

Wow – clearly big divide here. The funny thing is, I don’t actually include a lot of travel (if at all) and I have never featured anything local.This was also a test to see if they knew my categories well or are really only here to read about other things.

With the marketing & blogging tips, this is in direct conflict with wanting to actually see more of the blogging & marketing tips. So what am I going to do about this? Well there’s even more feedback that I will provide for you along with direct quotes from some of the survey results.

Specific feedback from Petite Bijou readers

I asked my readers for more specifics and if they had anything else they wanted to add. I left this question open ended to get more insight into their behavior, wants, and needs. Here are the few things my readers had to say. I will also provide my reply on here.


I love everything about the Petite Bijou! I especially like the marketing/business tips, the fashion, and lifestyle posts.

Wow! Thanks. That’s actually pretty great to hear. I am glad that I can provide more insight into the business of blogging. I am also glad that you enjoy my fashion and lifestyle posts. I’m not very confident with these so it’s very touching to see this. I think my future blog content includes more of these topics.


This isn’t my call, but I think it might help if you narrowed your focus. Right now the content seems to be all over the place.

Thank you for your feedback reader! I have to agree with your statement. I love writing and that’s what makes it so hard tor me to focus on one topic or even just 3 specific topics.


I’d love more blogging advice posts like how you get ideas, how you know what you write & if you ever feel insecure about your writing

Hi reader! Thank you so much for this feedback. I would absolutely love to talk more about writing and blogging. I think I will eventually start a website where I talk just about those topics. I think you’re pursuing writing – so good on you!


I just want blogs that I can relate to and love that I love to follow and receive tips and advice on blogging, writing, books and reading, English Language, art history, English writing, novel writing, language. I would love to see or have FREE courses on etiquette, how to have elegance in daily life, how to be confident, how to be a girl boss, things like that! I would love to see more of travel at English stately homes too!

This response was so amazing and in-depth! Thank you so much for the feedback. You know what? I love blogs that are relatable too! And that’s what I really strive for with The Petite Bijou. Because for me, being luxurious, elegant, and chic is as much as a mindset as it is a physical transformation. Being  at peace with your life and having confidence is something everybody craves. I will definitely take your suggestions to heart and work on giving you those free courses!


I’m not sure if I can offer any English stately homes – living in the US and all…but I do have plans to visit the UK in the next few years. You can be sure I will be like Hyacinth from Keeping Up Appearances. I’ll be all over those stately homes!


So what does this mean for The Petite Bijou going forward?

Firstly, it’s become clear that I haven’t been focusing too well on what I am writing and posting across my blog & socials. I don’t really know what my niche is except lifestyle. Look, I love writing about everything and I wish I could say that from now on I will – but it’s very clear to me my audience prefers one thing over others.

So this means that my content strategy needs to change up bit – more content will be published about outfits, style, beauty, and lifestyle tips that are related to:

  • living elegantly
  • being confident
  • personal branding
  • self development
  • writing & reading
  • feeling luxurious
  • more personal posts on my favorite things

This is a good start. Now I know what my audience loves! My focus therefore is helping women feel, look, and be elegant and confident in their everyday lives. This was my original intention. And if you are a blogger reading this you must remember one thing: Just because my audience likes certain things doesn’t mean yours will. Conduct your own survey and find out.

Anyways – Mariam, what about all the blogging & marketing stuff?

So here’s the thing – I don’t want to give you content you won’t like. Most of you want blogging advice and I would LOVE to give it to you.

So why don’t you help me decide. Would you like a operate dedicated site to even more blogging tips? Or would you like to keep it on here? I ask because it’s 50/50. Ultimately, I’d love to start a blogging community. What do you think? Leave a comment below!


The Bijou Woman: She’s in her 20’s or older – age is just number and she knows that she is amazing no matter what age she is. She’s a bit traditional – but she’s also a modern lady. She is most likely a creative: writing, art, photography, architecture, humanities.  She is interested in the arts, history, literature, design, fashion. She has many interests. She may own her own business or blog. And she wants to learn how to emulate a modern ladylike persona. She values intelligence, grace, style, creativity, fun, and beauty in all things. Above all else, she loves to learn about new things. She strives to continuously build a brand – a brand of her, a brand that tells the world “I am beautiful. I am talented. See me and hear me because I am a lady who deserves more than you could ever give me. I am a Bijou Woman”


Does this sound like you? Then I ask and encourage you to sign up for my mailing list below. I would love to have you in The Petite Bijou community.



Behind The Blog

The Petite Bijou is an online destination featuring wholesome yet sophisticated living and styling tips for women. The site is run by the family and friends of survivor, lifestyle influencer, and writer Mariam, who passed away in the summer of 2020.  Mariam also hosted The Bijou Show, a self help podcast.

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