Petites Guide To Over The Knee Boots For Winter

For the longest time I have watched women rock over the knee boots on Instagram.

Their long and lean figures are emphasized with beautiful black or brown leather boots.

They wear shorts, mini skirts, or dresses with gorgeous coats and designer purses. Everything about their look is #goals.

Strangely enough, I’ve not seen a single person outside of fashion bloggers wearing OTK boots – nor have I seen any petite women rocking them in real life. So I thought I’d try it – just to see how comfortable it felt, what worked, what didn’t, and if there was a secret to finding the perfect OTK boot for petite women like me!


Long Wool Coat // Over the Knee Boots // Striped Bodycon Dress // Black Tights


Finding the right OTK boots if you’re a petite woman is HARD.

One tricky situation in particular–you love the look of OTK boots, but you don’t know how to make them work for everyday that is….you know.. appropriate?

Not to mention form fitting! How many times have you purchased boots only to have a huge gap or they slouch down your calves. I kind of like to slouchy look but I also really love the straight up military boot look.

So what steps are needed for petite women to find the perfect OTK and wear it well? Keep reading!




First, let’s discuss the OTK boots themselves. I own only two pairs of over the knee boots. One of them are rainboots from Coach (since sold out!) which I got from Macy’s at a really great price point (always price match people). They have a bow in the back that ties up so you can make them as tight fitting as you’d like. I have small calves so I like the form fitting look.

The boots I wore with this outfit I actually got this year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are sooo cute! They are the Blondo Olivia Boots and they were the only form fitting OTK boots I tried on at the store. I think I went through about 6 pairs before these showed up! The reason they fit the calves quite well is because there is a stretchable back – which means women of all types of bodies can wear them!

Both pairs run large, so order a half size down. Deciding on which pair of OTK boots are right for you really comes down to price point after that. I hope this makes shopping for them a bit easier. You’ll want something that can contour to your calves when you’re wearing them with jeans, tights, or bare legged.



The secret to wearing over the knee boots in cold weather is making sure you’re comfortable!

I cannot stress this enough – DO NOT freeze yourself for the name of fashion.

The bare legs and OTK boots might work for warmer fall days, but it looks quite disheveled if you’re outdoors in colder weather and not bundled up with layers. Wearing OTK boots with bare legs can work with the right outfit but consider what occasion you’re dressing for. Something like that won’t work for work – but it can work for a holiday party.

My go-to OTK outfits for cold weather consist of long duster wool coats (puffer coats will look like you only thought of keeping your upper body warm), a body con dress (stripes are lovely for this), and black leggings or tights. Wearing tights with OTK’s is very elegant and helps keep you warm. It’s also more work appropriate for cold weather dressing.

I personally love this combination because it’s trendy but layered.


P.S. more over the knee boots here and here!


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