Podcasts I Can’t Stop Listening To

My morning routine is much like everyones. I get up, have my coffee, and get ready for the day. But one thing I’ve started incorporating into my morning routine has made me more productive and relaxed. And that secret tip is : LISTENING TO PODCASTS.

Think of podcasts as education to your ears.

Informative and entertaining, the old school radio shows are coming back in the form of podcasts that can be accessed anytime – anywhere.

You can go from groggily sipping your coffee to learning how to up level your business or blog in a matter of seconds. Or that dull train ride can turn you into a detective solving a murder mystery. This is the beauty of platforms like audible and podcasts. And today I’m sharing the podcasts I can’t get enough of so you can check them out too!


01 / The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn keeps me in the loop on all the latest trends in health, wellness, beauty, and blogging. I love tuning into her show with her hubby, Michael. They are quite amusing together and get to interview the most interesting leaders in those industries.

I loved her interview with Dr. Dennis Gross so much that it made me want to try the peel pads again. I gave up on them a few months back because I got off track with using them daily.

My mom and I were listening to this episode and we turned the car around and headed straight to Sephora to get the peel pads!


02/ The Lady Gang

I first discovered this podcast through the TSC Him & Her podcast and to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it. But after tuning in for a few episodes, I can’t get enough of these fabulous ladies and their sense of humor! I have never really had girlfriends to hang out with but listening to this podcast honestly feels I can dish out on my favorite reality tv shows, Hollywood trends, and more.

Basically, this lady gang is one i wish I was hanging with IRL. Give it a listen!


03/ The British History Podcast

Perfect for the anglophile at heart, this podcast explores British history in depth and it has been very entertaining for me too. I’m just a big British history nerd so this podcast may be really niche, but it’s perfect for me and i wanted to share the specific podcasts I listen to!


04/ The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey has been a life saver! Ever sine learning his debt free and money management tips, I have been debt free throughout college and I’m more careful with how I spend my money.  This show is perfect to put on when you’re doing some housework. I absolutely love it when I fold laundry or clean because you do your work efficiently but without too much thought into it that makes you dread it (you’re focusing on saving money!).


05/ Pro Blogger Podcast

The first blogging podcast I ever listened to and still one of the best. What I really love about this show is that Darren touches on a variety of topics without being salesy. I find that too many “blog” or “influencer” centered podcasts are all about getting you to buy their course and interview the same types of people over and over again. Yawn.

This podcast is actually education and you’ll learn new things each episode.


06/ Haunted Places

Don’t listen to this when you’re alone. The narrators haunting storytelling gives you the chills. This podcast talks about haunted places and their stories using a unique style of fictional storytelling mixed with legends. I love listening to this podcast on long drives.


07/ Unsolved Murders

Another chilling but informative podcast which discusses and dramatizes famous murder investigations. This brings out the detective in all of us! I personally listen to this podcast when I’m writing – it helps me be more creative!


08/ Podcraft Podcast

Run by my instructors and mentors, this podcast is seasonal but perfect for those of us who are starting their own podcast. Oops, did I just giveaway a huge secret?

I joined the Podcast academy this spring and have learned some seriously great stuff that I otherwise would have had to pay hundreds of dollars for. Their monthly membership is under $30 and they really focus on teaching you how to podcast without being too technical. My biggest takeaway from this podcast is = start before you’re ready and learn as you go – it’s the best way!


09/ Thought Cops

Shameless plug here for this amazing podcast hosted by one of my best friends, Officer Grant. This podcast is such a fun listen when you’re feeling extra snarky about popular internet culture and current events. Grant has worked really hard with his co-host to make this podcast not only funny, but really unique in the podcasting space.

Go give it a listen and subscribe/review if you like it too!



Just wanted to take a moment to point out my gigantic headphones that are from the 70’s and still work! No, I’m not that old, but when someone gives me something cool and vintage, I can’t help but try them out. I usually listen to podcasts on speaker, but I just wanted to pull out those headphones because they were very cool to use for this shoot.

I took my podcasts outside this past week because the weather has been so beautiful. It was finally warm enough to pull out this Wayf dress from last season (still being sold online here).

I hesitated going out in it at first because it was deep cut but it fit snugly and I didn’t have any oops moments at all. In fact, the dress cut is very modern vintage/boho.

I paired this dress with some old wedge sandals, my trust faux leather old navy tote, and my new pair of Celine sunnies (post coming on these soon!).


Here’s a question to you which I’m very curious about. If you could listen to a podcast interview with one influential person, blogger, or media personality, who would it be? 

I think mine would be Chiara Ferregani and I’d love to learn how she built her brand. What about you? Leave your answer in the comments below! And who knows…maybe you just might hear that interview very soon.


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