Have Your Most Productive Week Ever

Let’s get down to business…..to defeat….the week.

I’m not a project manager by any means, but I’ve learned how to organize my week for maximum productivity. From blogging 3x/week to working with clients on a daily basis – and still having time to study and go to graduate school – you can pretty much assume that having a schedule is necessary.

And today I want to share with you the tips that keep my schedule together so that you can also have the most productive weeks this year. Keep reading to find out my secret schedulers tips!


Have your most productive week ever with these amazing time management tips from blogging & lifestyle expert, The Petite Bijou

Keep A Multi -Use Calendar

If you’re not using a calendar, how are you even able to look ahead to know what’s due when? Instead of keeping 3 seperate to-do lists and a separate “event” calendar, you should use a multi use calendar – one that allows you to keep things in one place.

The Day Designer calendar is perfect for this. I use it to write out all my to-do’s and keep track of appointments (especially my never ending list of doctors appointments). The best thing about this calendar is that you limit yourself to achieving your 3 top goals of the day instead of overwhelming yourself with several goals.

Check out some of their amazing planners here.



Set 3 Goals

So speaking of three goals – why is it only 3? Goal setting overwhelm is a real thing. And I don’t know about you, but when I see a LOOONG list of to-do’s I usually don’t want to do them anymore. It feels like it’s too much. This is productivity’s worse enemy. So set only 3 goals and I promise you that you’ll get A LOT done.


Learn to say NO

Make room on your schedule by learning how to say NO to things that will suck your time up & aren’t worth the effort or stress. That means saying no to family, friends, acquaintances, little things that are not necessary or leave you feeling overwhelmed. When I started saying NO to things that were a time waste, I not only became more productive but also happier.


[clickToTweet tweet=”In 2018, you have to learn to say NO to things that don’t matter to you. Focus on YOU. Your time is precious” quote=”In 2018, you have to learn to say NO to things that don’t matter to you. Focus on YOU. Your time is precious”]


Set “BATCH” Days

This is a tip I learned when I started blogging. Setting “batch” days means doing similar things on one day. So let’s just say Monday is photography day – you would do all the photos you need for social media or articles on that day. Then Tuesday is writing day – you would do all your writing on Tuesday. I do this for my clients and it’s a really good way to keep ahead of schedule.


What tips will you use to have the most productive week ever? Have you checked out the Day Designer planner yet? What questions do you have about keeping a schedule? Leave a comment below and let’s chat

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  1. Tumpale wrote:

    Setting boundaries and expectations is extremely important when dealing with clients, or else some people will commit scope creep. I think the batch days concept is a great idea, I think I’ll try that out. And I freaking love the Day Designer planner, I buy it every year.

    Posted 1.1.18 Reply
  2. Marya wrote:

    learning to say no is essential in order to make anything productive. because more often than not, it’s the reason why we said yes that made us procrastinate. cheers! 😀

    Posted 1.1.18 Reply