5 Ways I’m Dealing With Seasonal Depression

Do you struggle with seasonal depression and anxiety?

It’s a dreadful feeling of misery and exhaustion as you look out the window just to see more grey skies. And that horrible depression starts affecting your everyday life.

I’ve been struggling with seasonal depression since my SJS diagnosis. I used to LOVE winter. But now I get very unmotivated and tired. It’s to the point that you can actually see in my blog traffic that between the months of October and May, I’m producing an average of only 3 posts a month, if any. I become a recluse, and I hate it.

But this year I’ve found a way to deal with my seasonal depression a bit better and I wanted to write this post for women like me who are looking for relief but can’t just pick up and move to a warmer and sunnier climate.

And that’s not to say it can’t happen anywhere, but this is for those who are struggling in a colder environment.


#1 Take Up A Project

It sounds like a counter argument – how can you take up a project when you have zero energy to even get up in the morning? My personal struggle with this has been very eye opening. If I didn’t have something creative to work on, I would be more depressed.

Keeping busy can take your mind off what’s happening outside, which is mostly a whole lot of nothing but cold and snow.

TIP: Start a moodboard if you’re looking for a fun indoor project!


#2 Get A Sun Lamp

When I sat down at my doctors office in January and told him I was having a rough winter, he first asked “well, can you take a vacation or move somewhere for the time being?” I wish! But he did go on to suggest I get a sun lamp.

Sunlight helps lift your mood and when you live in a place that doesn’t get much of it, it’s a nice thing to have to wake you up. This sunlamp that got recommended to me & I just ordered it. Keep it in rooms you’ll be in or even in your office.



#3 Check Your Levels

At my appointment we also did level checks for vitamins. For women especially, it’s important to make sure we’re feeling out best when something is out of balance.

Having low vitamin D counts contributed to my seasonal depression.

I’ve started taking vitamin D capsules now and I do feel a bit more energized. Definitely check with your doctor before starting anything but I wanted to share what I was going through.


#4 Find Quintessential Winter Activities

It’s not that I don’t want to go out, it’s that it hurts to go out. I’ll experience severe back pain from scoliosis during the winter which makes me just want to stay indoors.

To make going out in the cold an activity I sort of look forward to, I try to find some cute winter activities to do every week like ice skating, getting hot chocolate and walking downtown, or simply playing in the snow.

It’s not easy to get myself outdoors, but pretending it’s still Christmas works! Half of it is your mindset.

TIP: Check out this post from blogger friend, Jess Keys who lists 20 amazing things to do in Chicago during the winter!





#5 Plan A Vacation

You don’t actually have to go on one. Just planning your escape from winter can be exhilarating and giving you hope. And if you can actually go, do so.

There’s nothing wrong with a winter getaway. Just be realistic about it. You’ll be coming back to the cold anyways, and for me that’s even more depressing than just staying here.

So I “fake plan” a vacation to get it out of my system.

TIP: Craving a trip somewhere warm? I wrote about my recent trip to Miami. I was NOT disappointed!


Do you struggle or have ever struggled with season depression? I want to hear from you! What helped? What didn’t help? I’m always looking for more options and tips. Please share your story with me in the comments below.