My Secret Practice To Powerful Days

Let’s face it, not everyday is perfect. After all, perfect is subjective to each and everyone of us. What I may consider a perfect day may not be what you consider a perfect day. However, I think we can all agree that a good day starts with a good mindset Waking up negative has a negative impact on the rest of your day. It’s surprising how one little thing can cause a momentum of things to happen.

But there’s been a few things that have helped me create POWER mornings and days. I’m talking about days where nothing can stop me from my goals – even with the physical health problems.

Practicing Power Mornings

Practicing gratitude and power mornings all started when I was in high school. I have always been under a lot of stress – from living with narcissist’s, dealing with chronic migraines, and juggling classes and after school programs.

Up until I started practicing power mornings, I was largely depressed. My days started and ended with anxiety. Trying to go through each day was tiring. That was, until I started to really want to change how everything was going.

I’ve been through some serious health and emotional changes since then – and not once have I given up on my efforts to start my day with power and gratitude.

& I’m going to share my secrets to achieving a day filled with grace and power – because every women deserves to feel like her daily goal is to conquer the world.

Practice Power Morning's | The Petite Bijou

Step 1: The Early Bird

I find that waking up early helps set the tone for my daily goals. Everyone has the same 24 hours, right? Well, some people don’t. Living with a chronic illness means that your 24 hours are unlike anyone else’s. It’s not easy for me to get up and get going. I need at least a 2 hour buffer between waking up and getting the point B in a relaxed and powerful mindset. Regardless of how quickly you get ready, here’s the thing – you shouldn’t.

Take time out of your busy mornings to wake up in complete relaxation and in peace. Rushing anywhere just makes your whole day feel rushed. And most of this can be avoided by waking up earlier and taking that time to focus on your self and starting your morning right. This is the first step in the power morning practice.

Step 2: Setting The Tone

My power mornings then star off with a cup of strong coffee, made extra quick and easy with my favorite coffee maker. As someone who is quite visually impaired before I put in my lenses, this coffee machine helps me start my morning with ease! All I have to do is press the big button (everything is set the night before).

I set the tone of the morning by putting on some music – usually upbeat but soft. I really like movie soundtracks for this or turning on the Strauss Pandora Station. What can I say? This girl loves waltzes.

Another way I set the tone of my power morning (which surprisingly isn’t very dramatic) is by lighting my favorite candles, especially my trusted Bijou Candles. We have the same name, so you know it’s too good! This mood setting helps me relax and paves the way for an anxiety free day. It’s important to leave yesterday’s worry behind and focus on the positive energy of a new day.

Practice Power Morning's | The Petite Bijou

Step 3: Knowledge Is Power

You, my wonderful readers, probably already know I’m a total book worm. But if this is your first time on this site, welcome! I make it no secret that knowledge and power comes from within – but it also comes from absorbing lessons and inspiration through words. I love reading in the mornings. It’s peaceful and yet powerful. My favorite books to read from are biographies, spiritual texts, and historical texts – all which ready me to battle my way through my day with the shield and sword of power and strength.

I have recently come across a new power book called, Awaken: The Search Is Over. This fabulous book is co written by a Tudor history author (and good Instagram friend), Natalie Grueninger, and her sister, Karina Machado. These two fantastic ladies have created a magical and powerful morning book for women who are ready to be inspired and empowered to achieve their goals.

Lately, I’ve been traveling, working on my business: Bijou Social, and spending time working on some projects before the summer is over. Each and everyday, I have empowered myself with a positive attitude and energy to accomplish my goals. I’ve done this by reading inspiring texts and quotes. Just seeing those words on a page, repeating it to yourself, or writing it down somewhere visible helps motivate me so much!

Step 4: Absorb & Practice

Reading inspiring quotes isn’t enough for me though. In order for me to manifest a more positive energy and go through my day with power, I practice what I read, in any way I can. And that’s what I really love about Awaken, it motivates you to start your day with a mantra and practice that can be repeated in many ways.

One of the very first inspirational texts and practices from this book is as follows:

Close your eyes, breathe in and see infinity

This short and sweet sentence contains so much power when put to practice. After reading it, I do close my eyes and breathe in and out. It’s a medication. Then I reflect on what lies before me that day – infinity. I am capable of reaching infinite levels in my work and personal life. Practice a meditation or prayer upon waking up and you can start your power morning off with a relaxed and empowered state.

Practice Power Morning's | The Petite Bijou

Step 5: Support A Sister

One of the things Awaken: The Search Is Over teaches (that is also a part of my power morning routine) is to support another sister in her quest for happiness and power. Being selfless is a great way to practice being kind and helping someone else. I love to send an encouraging text, catch up with my IG sisters, or even just remind myself to catch up with someone later on that day. Awaken reminds women the importance of sisterhood and collaboration, and i have never been so moved until happening upon this marvelous gem of a book!

As women, we must support each other in all our goals – whether we are all after the same things or not. We must still practice kindness and respect toward one another. Some days, you can run into some pretty mean people (check out my previous post here) and some day we run into very supportive people. But regardless of what we’ve been through or what our days are like, it’s still important to extend a helping hand.

Want to support a power sister and learn how to elevate your digital presence? If you’re a biz owner or blogger, check out my facebook group where like minded women are networking and supporting each other every single day – in their business and personal goals.

Power Your Mornings With Habits

Everything mentioned above isn’t just something I do on whim. The secrets to powerful mornings and days are habits. A very good habit is doing something for yourself and something that will empower you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to get through your day. I truly believe in the inner strength and energy we all have. It’s what makes us so unique and special. You can be in control of a powerful day if you start it off the right way.

I highly recommended grabbing a copy of Awaken: The Search Is Over to start your day with the power and inspiration you need. And at only $9.99 on Amazon, this gem is worth the delightful and powerful emotions you will feel as you set good daily habits. This book along with an awesome planner, can kick start your day with all the energy and motivation you need.

Not convinced? After receiving this book and reading it in one sitting (yes, I’m book crazy), I booked three clients that very same day! Total win, am I right?!?!? I was blown away by how much motivation I had and it really pushed me to go after my goals of booking clients that week. That just goes to show – anything is possible with the right support behind you.

Check the book out here and also head over to their facebook page for more updates. I know you’ll love it!



What’s one thing you do to start your power mornings? Share it with me below!


& a big thank you to Natalie and her sister for sponsoring this post! Love this book and I couldn’t wait to share!





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  1. KatWalkSF wrote:

    I love it! WISE WORDS!


    Posted 8.17.16 Reply
  2. renee wrote:

    I love these tips. I always say that I like to ease into my day. There is alot going on in my house before I get us, so I use the time after my highschoolers leave and before my elementary schoolers get up to mentally prepare for the day. xo

    Posted 8.13.16 Reply
  3. Love this post.

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  4. Brianna wrote:

    Thank you for sharing 😀 I need to start some of those habbits

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  5. jehava wrote:

    Really great tips! I find that waking up early, doing some devotions and having coffee really impact my day positively! Thanks!

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  6. Emily wrote:

    That book sounds awesome! Getting started each day is one of my biggest challenges- I chalk it up to not being a morning person but I know I can take steps to make it so much better for myself. Thanks for the motivation:)

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  7. Madeleine wrote:

    This is such great advice!! I have a chronic illness as well and mornings are especially tough! Loved this, thanks for this great post!

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  8. Jessica wrote:

    These are all such great tips! I always try to take a moment for myself in the morning.
    xo Jessica

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  9. I find waking up super early and just being able to relax before my day def helps as well!
    Sarah Lindner

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  10. Great advice. I pinned this to my mental health board. Thanks!

    Posted 8.12.16 Reply
  11. Stephanie wrote:

    Great read! Thanks for sharing!

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