Self Tanning Secrets From A St. Tropez Tanning Expert

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the worlds best self tanning experts. Someone who has tanned countless celebrities and even royalty!

She is Sophie Evans, a St. Tropez ambassador and media personality. Sophie and I recently chatted for my podcast, The Bijou Show, and she gave me some of the best tips on achieving a flawless self tan every time.

You’ll have to listen to the whole episode to get the actual details and exact tips (can’t reveal all these secrets without context!} but I’ll share some crucial steps below. Definitely listen to the episode (you can listen below) on any major podcast platform like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and more.


How to get the best self tan from St. Tropez

So you’ll need to listen to the episode to get the details but below you’ll find some tips from the episode! Happy listening.

Step 1: Gather the right products

Depending on the type of tan you want, you need to gather the right products. You won’t get the tan you want with just any kind of tanner and fit. As Sophie explains in the episode, if you want the best tan, you have to do it the St. Tropez way to ensure a flawless application, which means investing in a good tanning agent, exfoliant, and applicator mitt.

Not sure where to start? Sophie recommends you get the St. Tropez applicator mitt, the classic mousse, and this gradual tanning lotion for touch ups.

Step 2: Prep your skin for flawless application

We go into way more detail in the episode (including tips on shaving) but you’ll need to prep your skin for a flawless tanning application. No prep means a really splotchy and streaky tan.

Sophie recommends you exfoliate and shave 24 hours before self tanning. I also recommend this after following Sophie’s advice to test out these tips. Make sure you lotion up dry areas as well, or the tan will stick on extra dark on parts you don’t want to dark.

Start with this tan remover/exfoliating mitt but if you want to go the St. Tropez way, this pre tanning exfoliant is perfect to use with it!

Step 3: The self tan proccess

Ok, too much information to fit into this tiny section, but the self tanning process itself is the KEY to a great looking tan. You need to make sure to cover every area you want tanned or else you will end up very blotchy and streaky. You also have to make sure to go light on certain areas like your feet, hands, face, elbows, and knees. Never put a full pump of product on these places.

The wonderful thing about the St. Tropez products is that there’s different tanning hours depending on the kind of tan you want.

If you go for the classic mousse, you’ll get a tan like you’ve been on a weekend away in Miami.

If you go the extra dark mousse route, you’ll like like you’ve had two weeks in the Caribbean.

There’s also the express tan mousse, the gradual tan products, the purity water range, as well as a one night only tan! The possibilities are endless. Sophie explains all the different routines for these in the episode, but you really can’t go wrong. Each tan will look different on everyone and you’ll tan YOUR perfect color each time.

For example, I tan more olive even though I’m pale, because of the PH balance of my skin and my genes. Someone else may tan more bronze, more red, etc.

Step 4: After care and maitenance

Keeping your tan going for 10+ days is possible, but you’ll need to keep it going with daily moisturizing and frequent exfoliating (yes, even exfoliating).

Sophie suggests a daily oil free moisturizer. You’ll find some good ones below, The moisturizer will help evenly fade your tan before your next self tanning session.

Have you tried self tanning? How did it go? If it didn’t go to well or maybe you’re trying to become a pro at self tanning, definitely give this episode a listen!

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