Setting The Table With ‘Delicious’ on Acorn TV

When it comes to British television, there’s two genres I usually stick to: mysteries or comedies. And there’s  plenty to be found on Acorn. When I was scrolling the website for a new show to watch, I realized that I hadn’t ever watched any of their drama series.

There was a whole section of shows I had never seen – Delicious being one of them. Now when the lovely PR team at Acorn suggested the show for my next post, I was intrigued.

A drama show, involving chefs…uh not really my thing, or was it?

Firstly, I am NOT a foodie by any means. I can’t cook, but I can bake reasonably well. On a Saturday night, we prepared a cheese board (hey, might as well go all out if you’re watching a cooking based show), sparkling water, and some chocolates to dig into we watched this new show to me.

Let’s just say we got through Seasons 1 & 2 within one night. Now onto Season 3! (Get a glimpse with this trailer)

The food aspect of the show makes for a great story line – but what really caught my eye, was the styling!


Setting the Scene…

Table setting for weddings, dinner, casual meals between the family members – the way the show mixes traditional country table settings with the modern makes the show incredibly unique. You just can’t quite get your finger on what to describe the aesthetic of the styling is.

So I thought I would break it down based on what I saw being used in the show to create this mix of style. Read on below for suggested products and styling tips for your next “Delicious” inspired meal!




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You’ll Need:


A Glass Pitcher: Throughout the show, water pitchers are an integral part in every meal no matter the setting: whether it’s at the Penrose or in the homes of the characters, water pitchers are a traditional item in each table setting. They’re elegant and very useful for outdoor dining as well. Throw in a few lemon slices for garnish and flavor inside the pitcher and take it outdoors with you for your next garden meal.


Wooden Salad Bowl: In a still I found from the show, you can see a wooden salad bowl appearing often for family meals. This is used mostly in scenes outside the hotel and create a feeling of a familial setting. Dinner guests and family members can help themselves to a garden salad with an open wooden salad bowl sitting on your table as you dine.


Olivewood Servers: A perfect addition to your wooden salad bowl! These handy and beautiful servers integrate the natural details found in Delicious and create a traditional family dining aesthetic. Again, these wooden elements are found mostly in the character’s homes as opposed to the restaurant.


Wax Ivory Pillar Candle: Used for special events and dining purposes, these ivory candles emulate the traditional and simply elegance of garden dining. In Season 1 of Delicious, there were ivory pillar and taper candles for a wedding. It looked stunning having candles outside (be careful, of course). Consider dining with only candlelight for a romantic and cozy meal.


Hotel Dinner Napkins: Have your very own inn and restaurant with these ivory hotel dinner napkins to create a luxurious dining experience. These are most likely the kind of napkins used in the Penrose during meal times. They add a simply elegance to every meal.


Clear Goblets: They show up everywhere in this show and are used opposed to traditional tall drinking glasses. I love it! There’s something about goblets that really elevates your dining experience. These clear goblets are a great choice and can be used for every meal – including for juice during breakfast.


Eclectique Dinner Place Setting in Grey: Delicious has a modern twist to it – the characters are all social savvy, there’s modern day issues that they each face, and their surroundings all include modern amenities and touches. I’d like to think Gina and Sam don’t mind a bit of color blocking and ombre every now and then. These grey variant dinner setting plates and bowls are a perfect representation of mixing in modern trends into the dining experience.


Whitby Flatware Place Setting: But you can go a bit traditional in the flatware in combination with the plates above. These flatware place settings are pretty standard and I can imagine both the Penrose and each characters home having something similar like this. The place settings are elegant and functional – what more could you need?


Modern Geo Napkin Rings: Not a must in the home, but the geo pattern is something I see Sam having in her kitchen to use for lunches and dinners. They’re chic and sophisticated, just like her!


Olivewood Rectangular Board: Let’s bring a little more of Gina’s Italian flair into the mix with this natural wooden board, prefect for cheese and charcuterie arrangements – or simply as a way to present small dessert items. When watching the show, I saw many wooden details and elements being brought not only into the home dining experience, but also outdoors.


All Purpose Caddy: Speaking of outdoor entertaining, this caddy is a wonderful fit for outdoor dinner parties and luncheons. I saw a caddy like this during an outdoor event on the show and thought it was perfect for a home cooked meal outdoors too. Guests can grab their utensils, straws, napkins, or anything else they might need as they stroll around the garden.


Oak Paddle Tapas Set: And lastly, this tapas set evokes everything this show stands for: shared meals and family. Bring people together at your next meal with a tapas menu and share in the joys of a good meal and good company. This set looks wonderful on the table or just sitting on the side. What a beautiful way to present and share a meal!



A Few More Tips on Decorating Like Delicious…

Personally, I would add a few additional charming touches to a tables cape to make it a little more cozy. This white hotel tablecloth which comes in rectangular or round is a perfect addition to any dining experience. It makes the setting a bit more elegant while also allowing you to really play with the decorations on top of the table. You can add fresh flowers, candles, even a ginger jar champagne bucket (for the quintessential English country style)/

It’s all about mixing the modern with the traditional – a modern dinning experience while honoring the traditional country side. It’s really not about having this and that, as long as you showcase what you love about your space (and your garden), you’ll be grand. What I really love about this show, is it’s focus to move forward and enjoy the little things in life: like a sit down meal, prepping food, and being with the ones you love.

To get to it: Delicious is more than just a cooking show, it’s a show that expresses the complex emotions we all have at one point in our lives. Yet, it helps us move past those emotions with the simple concept of brining people together though good food. Now that’s my kind of drama!


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Have you watched this incredible show yet? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!


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