Should You Start A Blog?

Have you ever thought about starting a blog?

Maybe you’re a great writer, or maybe you know your fashion skills can teach someone how to develop their style.

Maybe you are an amazing makeup artist and want to start showcasing your talent. Or maybe you’re a photographer who wants to start their own business.

You start thinking….should I start a blog?

There are many things to consider before starting a blog. And today I’m sharing both PRO’s and CON’S for starting your own blog. I’ll also share the BEST blogging resources if you want to start a blog or are just starting out.

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1: Creative Outlet

A blog is the perfect creative outlet if you are feeling stuck and need something to do. This was the biggest motivator for me while I was stuck in a program I couldn’t keep up with. Blogging became my creative outlet when there was nothing else I could focus on

2: Source Of Income

Blogging can be a source of income, as I spoke to in greater detail in this post. I encourage you to think about starting a blog to make a little extra income. Everyone deserves more money so they can provide for their family, pay bills, or build an emergency fund. My blogging income has helped pay for my medical equipment!

3: Belong To A Community

The wonderful thing about blogging is having blogger friends and belonging to a community. I never did quite fit in anywhere – not in middle school, not in high school…not really anywhere. But when I began blogging I met people with similar interests and we became great friends.

4: Publicity

Starting a blog can lead to brand sponsorships, press interviews, and other publicity for yourself or your business. Having publicity means your products sell more, your services sell more, or you become the influencer (or spokesperson) you’ve always wanted to be.


1: A Second Job

Not going to lie, blogging is like a second job. Just glace at all of the things you need to do in order to publish ONE post:

  • Outline your post (12- 20 minutes)
  • Keyword Research (30 minutes)
  • ‘Write first draft (30 minutes)
  • Edit draft (10 minutes)
  • Take blog photos (1 hour)
  • Edit blog photos (1 hour)
  • Create social media graphics/photos (30 minutes)
  • Write copy for graphics/photos (30 minutes)
  • Publish post (1 minute)
  • Market new post (10 minutes)
  • Respond to comments on post & socials (30 minutes)

See what I mean?

2: Competition

This blogging space is crowded. Some niches more than others. The fashion & lifestyle niche are super crowded, so is food, money, parenting, and beauty. With hundreds and thousands of other bloggers out there, you need to compete for attention. And most of the time, bloggers get so disappointed by lack of engagement and money that they quite after a few months.

3: Meanies

Speaking of competition, this means that there will be plenty of unfriendly people you meet. One of the reasons I am seeking to start my own blogging network is from experiencing a really negative person who started copying my ideas. You’ll find these people everywhere.

4: High “failure” rate

Again, this is a crowded space. Everyone’s circumstances are different and making money/marketing doesn’t come easy to all. Some months you’ll make nothing. Some you’ll make just enough. In order to become successful the one thing you do need is determination – to stay and keep at it until you get to your goal.


Despite the negatives, starting a blog is really a wonderful experience to go through – especially if you are in it for the right reasons – to inspire, to be creative.

There has not been a single moment where I have ever considered stopping – not on days when I get no views, not when I lose followers due to algorithms, not when people say it’s a dumb thing to do.

It isn’t.

Because it’s mine – it’s mine and it makes me happy. That is the reason I blog and it should be the main reason you consider starting one soon. If, at the end, it doesn’t make you happy – you don’t need to do it.



Before you go, I wanted to give you the FREE resource I was talking about earlier. Blogging isn’t as simple as hitting “publish” on a new post.  So I rounded up all the tools & resource I personally use to run my blog and make it my full time job. Click the image below or click on this link to view the resource page. Click here

Do you have a blog? Are you considering starting one? I’d love to know where we can find you! Feel free to leave a comment below with:

  1. Why you started
  2. Your URL so we can check each other’s sites out!