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Social Media Tips for Bloggers | The Petite Bijou

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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend with family and friends. Mine went by way too fast and I’m just nor realizing I haven’t had the chance to just sit back and do NOTHING. I wish there wasn’t so much work to do with agency projects for graduate school. I’d much rather be blogging. At least we have a few shoots done and have some great posts coming up for you this week.

Today I wanted to write about social media. Since publishing my last post, How To Be A Full Time Blogger, I’ve gotten a few questions via email and Instagram DM’s about how to successfully do social media and strategy as a blogger. And since I also run a social media management and creative business, I wanted to clear the air about what it really takes to be successful at social media.

Below are some questions + answers. Feel free to send me any of your blogging or social media questions and I would love to keep chatting with you guys about this. I know a lot of bloggers read these posts but so do other people who want to know the behind the scenes of the blogging world. Hope you enjoy!

Social Media Tips For Lifestyle & Fashion Bloggers | The Petite Bijou

Social Media Q&A

1. Which platform drives the most traffic to your site?

As of today, Facebook is my biggest traffic referral platform. I share my blog posts in a lot of groups and first started sharing them on my page. Second is Pinterest, but only for certain posts. For instance, people really love my Audrey Hepburn style post and that’s been repined over 300 times.

*If you’re looking to up your Pinterest game and start getting great traffic, this course from Melyssa Griffin is life changing. 


2. How do I get more followers on social media? It seems to be so tough!

You’re so right there. It’s pretty tough getting genuine followers these days. Because the blogging sphere is so saturated and competitive, social media has become a numbers game. The question you should be asking yourself is not “how do I get more followers” but “how do I get engaged followers”.


3. How can a new fashion blogger grow her following then?

Forget the numbers – focus on reaching the right people. Know your audience and give them what they want. What that means is different for each platform. For instance, I share and curate a lot of tutorials and general lifestyle inspiration tips on Pinterest. For my Facebook audience, I do quick and easy links to posts. For Twitter, I share my latest posts and do twitter chats with my blogging friends. But on Instagram, I share a lot more personal things and do less of the “go read my blog” posts. Instead, I try to connect with likeminded people and form a community.


4. How do you balance all the social media profiles you have & the ones you manage?

Set a schedule and try to automate as much as you can. That means doing shoots, content, and strategy at least a week before hand. I use Hootsuite and Buffer for my clients. However for The Petite Bijou, I personally manage all of my accounts and post manually. I’m just Type A that way haha!

Those two social media automation systems are great for platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For Pinterest, I use BoardBooster to automate everything and loop my pins to increase the repin and follower rate. I highly recommend it to every blogger!

If at the end of the day you really can’t manage this on your own, hire a VA or Social Media Manager to help you out  – fyi, reach out to me! I do both VA and SMM services  🙂


5. Do I have to be on every social media profile?

Absolutely not. Find your 2 of your favorite platforms and just try to master those. You can always add more later on if you need to. But I would suggest securing your username on each platform so that it looks cohesive if you decide to use them later on.


6. What do you use to create social media graphics?

I use Canva for my Pinterest images. I was using it for free but recently switched to Cavna for business and have been really happy with it. They have a lot of great templates and it’s really easy to use. For everything else, I make my own graphics in Photoshop.


7. How do you create a cohesive Instagram feed?

The first thing to do is create a mood board for your brand. I like to use Pinterest for this by setting up a secret “brand” board where I pin things that make sense for a brand. Then I look at the color palette that comes off the photos. You can establish a theme with the combination of the colors and the emotion of all the photos you’ve picked.

A theme could be: 

  • Light & Airy
  • Bold & Colorful
  • Timeless & Sophisticated

And after you’ve decided on a theme, I highly suggest picking one filter in whatever photo editing software you use and just stick to it! The filter is honestly less important than just making sure you stay cohesive with your photo subjects and the emotions you want to evoke.


That’s all for this post! There were a lot of great questions I got asked but I couldn’t get to all of them in one post.  I hope that these were helpful.

If you are looking for more personalized one on one social media help, I can always do consults!


What is your favorite social media platform? Follow me on the platforms below and leave a link in the comments with one platform you’d like me to check out!







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  3. All good tips! I also did Pinfinite Growth and swear by BoardBooster…true gamechangers right there!

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    Great advice girl. These are such good tips for bloggers at any stage.

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  5. I’ve just starting using Canva for Pinterest and have been loving it! So quick and easy compared to trying to design things myself. Love these tips!

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  7. These are such great tips! I love the idea of creating a mood board for Instagram! I just created an account for my blog and I think that will help me so much stay “on brand”. I am going to do that!

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    Such great tips! Managing multiple accounts can be tough so I def agree with picking your top two and mastering them!

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