Spring Layering Tip: Dresses Over Blouses


It may be the first week of Spring, but Chicago is famous for defying all the weather rules. It’s still winter in the Windy City, and we’re expecting snow any day now. Styling during this time of year is so difficult. You want to break out all your spring staples but can’t wear them without freezing.

One of the things I can’t relate to is the many bloggers I follow that live in warmer climates. It is so inspiration to see them wearing their spring and summer dresses already, but it’s completely unattainable for followers up North. There’s been a few times already where I’ve been concerned about how far in advanced I should be talking about spring clothes when I can’t even take photos of the outfits I want to style.

One of these days, I’ll be somewhere warmer this time of year, but until then, I’m using a simple styling trick that allows me to wear my pretty spring dresses while also staying warm!


Layering Tip: Dresses Over Blouses

This isn’t a new concept, but it’s new to me as I have never tried to wear a blouse with a dress – over or under.

I got inspired by the Pinafore Dress trend, which is very classic and has a retro feel to it. All you have to do is add a long sleeve or quarter length blouse or sweater underneath it and you’re done! Some of the pinafore dresses, you can even style with short sleeves.

Now, pinafores are great for spring, but they aren’t the warmest things to wear. So I took the same concept and used this Gal Meets Glam dress (which is unfortunately sold out) and paired it with a Willow and Clay Victorian lace styled blouse to create a romantic and warm outfit. I wore this with my trusty hosiery and Caslon booties (sold out but here is a very similar pair).

Spring Styling and Layering Tips: Wear a dress over your long sleeve blouses! | The Petite Bijou | Gal Meets Glam

Dress: Gal Meets Glam (sold out but the collection is incredible) // Blouse (sold out: similar here and here) // Tights (on sale for $18) // Booties (similar here)





The Trick Is In The Dress Shape

So the trick for pulling off this look is actually in the dress shape that you choose. The best types of dresses that work for this look are silhouette dresses and Fit & Flare dresses. The reason these work so well is because they are sleeveless and leave room for layering. It’ generally only advised to pair similar sleeve lengths or no sleeves. You can wear a long sleeve blouse under a sweater but not under a t-shirt (well, you can, but it’s not generally an elegant look)

The Gal Meets Glam dress I am wearing is from last year but the collection still has a few dresses that will work for this type of look. For example this dress is a beautiful tweed that would look lovely paired with a lace or sheer blouse and tights for an early spring outfit. You can also pair this dress and this dress from the collection with a long sleeve blouse because of the shape of the dress.


Below are some other dresses to consider:


Spring Styling and Layering Tips: Wear a dress over your long sleeve blouses! | The Petite Bijou | Gal Meets Glam

Spring Styling and Layering Tips: Wear a dress over your long sleeve blouses! | The Petite Bijou | Gal Meets Glam

Spring Styling and Layering Tips: Wear a dress over your long sleeve blouses! | The Petite Bijou | Gal Meets Glam



You can also try this styling trick with jumpsuits and suspender skirts! The delicate texture of a lace or sheer blouse will offset the harsh lines of a cropped jumpsuit or straight suspender. The blouse will definitely add a romantic detail to the outfit. But you can of course you this trick with any long sleeve blouse or even a sweater! Try it out and see what combinations you like. Start with a white long sleeve top and then play with colors to come up with many different outfit ideas using just 2 essentials. It’s a wonderful trick for capsuled wardrobes.


What do you think of this styling trick for those chilly spring days? If you like it, leave me a comment and let me know how the weather is where you are!


Thank you so much and stayed tuned for tomorrows blog post! 

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