Talk Me Out of Buying These Cute Things…

When you click “add to cart” you can never go back…or can you?

Ever have those rabbit hole moments of digging deep into an online retailer and just adding things to cart that you think are cute?

Well I did that today and I’m very tempted to hit go to checkout on Nordstrom. I’ve been wanting more jumpsuits, more neutral tops, and just cute dresses left and right. I’m psyching myself up for spring weather. But my total for everything in my cart?


But at least it’s free shipping…

I couldn’t possible get everything on this list so it is up to you to TALK ME OUT OF BUYING THIS.

In the comments below, give me some good reasons to eliminate a few things from my cart. Which is your favorite piece? Which one do you dislike? I want to limit it down to a reasonable price point (Under $300 at least) so I need some help deciding what to keep and what to save for later.

What’s your pick?


Shop and get details for any of thees items by clicking the piece below. 



White Bell Sleeve Jumpsuit // Petals Statement Drop Earrings // Faux Wrap Knit Top // Leopard Print Tie Front Jumpsuit // Polka Dot Headband // Black One Shoulder Dress (Gal Meets Glam!) // Pink Stripe Headband // Striped Side Twist Dress // Belted Jumpsuit





Help A Girl Out?

I love all of these things. Which ones would you keep in your shopping cart?





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