The Chicest Berry Lipsticks For Fall

A berry lipstick is going to give you a very sophisticated and chic fall look – no matter your outfit. But it’s important to choose a lipstick with care. Not all are made alike, not all colors suit every skin tone, and the shade of berry matter depending on the time of day you wear it and where! (Yes, where you wear out your lipstick matters). I’ll be sharing with you how you can choose the best berry lipstick – for you.

It’s important to remember that as a content creator, I want to give you advice that is personalized yet accessible. Just because I wear a certain shade of lipstick doesn’t mean I think you should either. I also don’t choose products based on how well they sell. So keep reading if you’d like a more detailed way of choosing the best berry lipstick for you!


The Tone Matters

Your skin tone will largely define what kind of berry lipstick you wear. For dark skin tones, a beautiful plum or purple lipstick will sticking against your skin and give you a glamorous fall look. For medium to fair skin tones, the tone you choose for lipstick depends on your undertone.

Look at your veins – are they blue/green toned? Then you need a cooler tone. Stick to more plum, purple, and raspberry or wine tones to create more emphasis. If your tone is warmer, then you can venture to lighter berry colors like strawberry or a pinkish berry color.



Time of Day Matters

Listen, as much as we’d love to wear the dark purple lipstick all day everyday, it’s not that easy. Time of day and occasion matter when considering lipstick. I wear a red lipstick everyday, but I would never wear a very dark or very bright lipstick to the office. Something like this red lipstick is more suitable.

Consider using a neutral lip balm if you are at the office and switching to a darker lipstick once you leave the office for happy hour. Impressions are important, and you don’t want the first thing people remember you by is how drastic your lipstick was.

For a berry everyday lipstick, go for a shade in the range for your tones, that is more neutral. So if you do want to wear a plum or a purple, look for a shade that has sheen in it, is a little less dramatic, or simply find a gloss you can wear instead!

Perhaps a demi matte gloss lipstick  like this one from the Huda Beauty line (my favorite!), which allows you to quickly touch up and go while still looking very chic and done up!



My go – to colors for autumn

I do love berry and reds for autumn. I tend to go a bit darker with my lipstick that time of year and love several different lipsticks that I rotate, Check them out below!


Do you like wearing berry lipstick? Leave a YES or NO in the comments below!

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  1. Jo wrote:

    I love berry lip colors. As a summer I often go for lighter or more sheer ones but I usually go quite purply. I wear them any time of year depending on what I’m wearing but I do have a couple of deeper ones for fall and winter when I wear deeper colors.

    Posted 10.5.19 Reply