The Only White Sneakers You Need in Your Closet

Everyone is one the white sneaker trend, and after trying them out myself, I can see why!

White sneakers and dresses, white sneakers and jeans, everything just works so much better with white sneakers if you’d like to dress up but still keep things casual (if you know what I mean).

For example, who doesn’t love waking around in beautiful springtime dresses? But if you’re the “dress and go” type like myself, you probably want your feet to feel comfortable. I could walk miles in my dress, but proper footwear needs to be there. You simply can’t be comfortable exploring in heels, sandals, or flats for long periods.

Enter white sneakers. They surprisingly look good with everything. And I found THE BRAND of white sneakers that even the Duchess of Cambridge loves. Keep reading to learn more

The Petite Bijou reviews Superga classic sneakers


The Superga “Cotu” Sneakers

The preferred casual but dressy sneaker of the Duchess of Cambridge and countless other celebrities. This Italian sneaker company is making waves in the fashion world for their cute but comfortable footwear.

Well in order to test their comfort level, I ordered these Superga sneakers from Shopbop, as the Superga site and Nordstrom seemed to be out of the original sneaker in my size (7) but do check for your own size on every site. I’m not a Shopbop person normally (I find everything there is ridiculously overpriced, and yes, I know it’s because of the designer name brands they sell, but still….the average Jane like me can’t afford it). Shopbop’s pricing of the sneaker was exactly the same as the Superga site ($65) and it arrived within 2 days (which was impressive).

The Petite Bijou reviews white Superga sneakers

A note on a alternative opinion: Nordstrom and the Superga website both sell a platform version of the Cotu classic sneaker. A few readers have mentioned to me that they actually prefer the platform sneakers over the regular ones in terms of style. They’ll be the next pair I’ll save up for and try! Just wanted to offer you a different opinion that’s not my own.


Comfort Level

If I had to rate the comfort level, it would be an 8 out of 10. They’re obviously not as comfortable as gym sneakers, but they are pretty comfy given the right socks. I chose a no show pair that worked best for the sneaker shape on my foot.



What to Wear With

So these gorgeous sneakers can be worn with probably any outfit. I think dresses, obviously casual clothing, and even business casual (check your office policy though). I could definitely see these with a blazer/jean outfit. Very French, very chic and easy.

Here are a few examples of what I think would be great outfits to wear with these white sneakers. To shop any item, just click the item! It’s like magic – love how interactive these can be.





I’ll definitely be wearing these all spring long. I’ve usually been wearing flats but my feet (and spine) have taken a hit with constant flats so my chiropractor recommended more comfortable sneakers. I don’t know about you, but I’m the “exploring” type in the spring and summer. I just want to get out there, walk around, enjoy the fresh air…and of course, look great.

These sneakers will do the trick just fine.



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