The Right Way To Gift Jewelry This Holiday

I’m the type of women who believes less is more. I don’t usually wear more than 3 pieces in my fashion choices: bottom, top, cardigna or dress, cardigan, jacket. I don’t like wearing many mixed prints together all at once or wearing too many accessories. I’ve always loved statement pieces and wearing something simple but meaningful in order to add to my outfit.

For me, the biggest thing that helps me look stylish and polished is jewelry. Give me a strand of pearls and a simple ring and that will be something I wear over and over regardless of the season.

Jewelry is the gift you can give this season that will be sure to please anyone. BUT there are right and wrong ways to gift jewelry during the holidays. Keep reading to find out exactly what you should look when giving the gifts of jewels and my very own Bijou jewelry wishlist!

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Keep It Personal & Memorable

Jewelry should be a completely personal thing for the person you want to gift it to (including yourself). One of the must frustrating things about the jewelry industry is the push for certain trends like diamonds or rose gold. If it’s not something someone is interested in or has hinted about, don’t assume they’ll like it because it’s popular.

Personally, I don’t like rose gold, gold, or diamonds. I would much rather have sterling silver and colorful gems. But that’s my own personal taste! I like vintage and history. I like jewelry that has a story or jewelry that evokes an emotion or memory.

So when purchasing jewelry as a gift this holiday, please consider the personality and interests of the person you are gifting it to. More often than not, gifting jewelry that reminds them of a memory you two shared or a special personal touch is very thoughtful and will make the gifting process much memorable.

Keep It Safe

If you’re planning on gifting some serious gems this holiday season, I highly suggest using Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to protect those precious gifts.You can gift those special gems and charms knowing that whatever happens, everything is insured and covered. With Jewelers Mutual, you get an extra level of protection that often goes beyond homeowners insurance. The last thing anyone expects to happen is something which might mean losing or damaging something memorable. Plus, should anything happen (and that’s a big SHOULD because I really hope it doesn’t), then Jewelers Mutual can offer repair and replacement coverage & travel protection! I would hate for you to spend your holiday savings and have them vulnerable and damaged.

I’ve been there. It sucks. And I cried for days when I lost a precious antique gemstone necklace. First things first, a 21 year old probably shouldn’t have taken it to class without getting it repaired first. All because she thought it would be so cool to wear a 100 year old antique to class.

Lesson learned. I tend to keep the nicer things at home. It’s good to have them protected – especially if you’re purchasing for an antique gem addict like me!

The Right Way To Gift Jewelry This Holiday

More Jewelry Storage Is Always A Great Gift

For a while, I kept all my necklaces and earrings in ONE antique box (don’t judge, I didn’t have enough space sleeping in a den room at my old apartment). Trying to find the perfect necklace for my outfits each day was a pain in the butt and I wish I had better storage solutions. I think gifting jewelry storage is actually really smart if you’re gifting someone a jewelry set. And the best part is, you don’t even have to buy one. You can make them!

I did a quick Pinterest search (you should totally be checking out my Pinterest btw) and found some really creative Jewelry Storage DIY’s. Now I use antique teacups to hold earrings and old doorknobs handing on the wall to store my necklaces! It’s the cutest shabby chic storage solution I’ve ever found and you can definitely make someone amazing storage solutions and gift it with whatever jewelry you are giving!

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Anyways, sign up today and you will get $10 cash back on your first purchase over $25! Click here to sign up.

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The Bijou Jewelry Holiday Wishlist

Did you know that BIJOU in french means Jewel? My blog’s name is called The Petite Bijou because I’m all about looking for life’s little jewels – memories, beautiful things, and simplicity. It’s only natural then, that my personal jewelry holiday wishlist is filled with things I would enjoy wearing. They’re little and very close to my heart!

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1. Loren Olivia Deco Statement Earrings

2. Konstantino Andromeda Lapis Frontal Necklace

3. Lagos Luna Pearl Ring

4. Armenta Openwork Diamond Pendant

5. Loren Olivia Lucky Crystal Elephant Necklace

6. John Hardy Legends Drop Earrings

7. Monica Vinader Naida Diamond & Larimar Circle Stud Earrings

8. Konstantino Andromeda Lapis Lazuli Ring

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if you’re looking for some really unique jewelry gifts, I love Etsy! It has the cutest custom made jewelry and antiques that you won’t find anywhere else. I got the cutest bookworm related gifts this year and I can’t wait to see my friends faces when they see the adorable custom gifts! If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends on Facebook & Pinterest!

xo Mariam




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    I always love receiving jewelry! It makes the best gift!


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