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I don’t always write about the places I visit. But for extra memorable ( & bizarre) trips, I do. This time around, I’d like to introduce you to one of America’s most haunted hotels: The Baker Hotel located in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Mineral Wells is the site of the brand “Crazy Water”, which, you guessed it, sells mineral water straight from the source! The so dubbed “crazy water” was used at the Baker Hotel and got it’s name because it was believed to help “crazy” women…


The Famous Crazy Water

Mineral water can’t be bad for you I guess. I like to drink mineral water with my dinners. It’s a very European thing to do! So I did get Crazy Water #3 which tastes sort of like normal water but has a higher concentration of minerals.

And I also purchased Crazy Water #4, which was the one that was used medicinally for the psych ward patients, and anyone else who had health troubles. Crazy Water #4 has the highest concentration of minerals, tastes like salt water, and you’re not supposed to drink too much, only 1-2 cups a day.

I will keep you updated on if I think Crazy Water is helping me. I’m hoping it can help with some of my chronic pain. We’ll see…I can always order it online if I want more!


My “crazy” trip starts at Crazy Water

My crazy trip to the Baker Hotel started at the Crazy Water shop. I definitely felt that what I read in reviews online were true – the people that worked there were a bit….standoffish? They didn’t really go out of their way to help you look/find anything. They didn’t say much except hello. But when spoken to they did respond.

I asked about what else there was to do around the town. The first brochure I got was for a local garden…

The thing is, the main attraction is definitely the hotel. It’s haunted, right across the street, and has been featured on tons of TV shows. So why not suggest that?

Oh, it was, only after I asked….and even then I got a “yeah, it’s ok”

From what I’ve seen elsewhere online, the staff at Crazy Water certainly don’t like bringing up the long historic association between them and the hotel. And quite frankly, if it wasn’t for the hotel bringing in hundreds of people each year back then, Crazy Water wouldn’t be as famous as it is today.

So why ignore it? Why downplay the association?

One word: GHOSTS.

Is this place really haunted?

I’m not sure, but it certainly looks like it might be! It’s a massive abandoned structure all boarded up with only a few cracks here and there – enough to get a small camera in. The hotel stopped operations in 1963 after being in operation since 1925.

There’s reportedly 19 different spirits that haunt the hotel. It was also featured on shows like Ghost Adventures. So naturally, I had to stop by.

When you drive past it for the first time, you’re almost in awe of it. The building is massive compared to the little shops and storefronts nearby. The air is hot, smells a bit like decay and rust, and the whole space is pretty quiet.

Shops around it seem eerily empty.

When you walk up to it, the sidewalk is riddled with cracks, debris, and dust.

Walking up it’s grand stair case doesn’t necessarily give you chills. But you get quick flashes of how beautiful it must have been pulling up to this hotel in a taxi cab, suitcase in hand, and ready to get some mineral wells treatment.

The doors are boarded up, tiny peep holes drilled in by curious onlookers. When you reach the entrance, you can look into the building.


All that’s left is glamour and decay

I’d never think to use those two words together in a sentence, but it does describe The Baker Hotel quite well. Looking into the hotel (though smudge filled glass) you see the massive and glamorous lobby. How it must have shined in the 1930’s!

But then you realize – wow this place is decaying..badly

I don’t know why there isn’t tighter security, a better plan to restore this place, or even just SOME type of preservation happening inside. It’s beautiful…without the graffiti and pop bottles laying around.

So about the “crazy” thing that happened to us…

Right as we were looking into the building, this random dude walked up to us from nowhere. I mean, nowhere. He scared us half to death by just talking behind us saying

“My friends and I are doing a sleepover at this place tomorrow”

I caught it LIVE too. I was on IG LIVE at the time and you can see me stepping back in shock and taking a really quick breath. I turn the camera to film our shadows (to be respectful in case someone doesn’t want to be filmed).

But I almost wish I had pointed the camera to him so you can see what I saw.

This man dressed like a tourist ok? But said he lived in this town all his life. He almost looked like he might have been out of the 80’s? I don’t know. It was weird.

But what was even weirder was that he had this really disturbing and crazy look in his eyes. The first thing I thought of was that this dude was definitely on something. His pupils were the size of half dollars, ok?

Next, he started asking really personal questions about why we were even there. At that point, I walk away (again, this is all LIVE too).

He ends up leaving too – obviously we never answered his questions and he just didn’t have anything else to say. Phew.

We explore the rest of the exterior, where I trip around 7 times on the same floor tile! THEN….

A man comes up to us and tells us the town will start evacuation because a wild fire has just started a few miles away. We look up and sure enough, smoke. I start getting asthma issues so we leave.

But that was freaky. And I’m pretty sure the guy who talked to us had bad vibes about him. Stranger danger people, don’t talk to them if you notice super personal and odd questions.

So yeah, no ghosts…just freaky things happening


Do you believe in ghosts, the supernatural, or coincidental occurrences? Leave a comment below with your story! I’d love to hear it!

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