The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s so hard giving a gift to the women that’s done everything and anything for you.

What do you give someone who deserves more than just a nice card and a cute gift?

Well, I’ve rounded up some fabulous, thoughtful, and quick ideas you can put together for your dear mother this mother’s day! Don’t just settle for an average gift. Give her something she’ll love!

What do you give the person who has done everything for you? It's so hard to pick a meaningful and thoughtful mother's day gift your mom will love. it's easy to just get cards and chocolate, but what if you could give her a gift she'll use over and over? Click through to the post and check out the ultimate mother's day gift guide. There are tons of cute ideas based on your mom's personality, hobbies, and interests | The Petite Bijou

The Coffee/Tea Lover

Put a cute giftbasket/box together with the following items. Don’t forget to include a card. If you want to go the DIY route, I would buy a basket from Michael’s or the Dollar Store and arrange the items in a presentable way. You can wrap this basket or just leave it as is. You can also put all of these items in a box and wrap it with her favorite colors.

* A cute mug like this “Mother Like No Other” Mug.

* If you don’t want to go the DIY route, this coffee and tea lovers gift basket is perfect! If you have multiple Mother’s Day celebrations, then split this basket up into other ones so you can gift multiple baskets.

* A Tea Kettle (Le Creuset is beautiful) or a Coffee Maker (Hamilton Beach has a good one) if she doesn’t have one yet.

* A cute floral journal she can use in the morning. My favorite journals are from Paper Source.





The Cook

I would use the same concept as the last one – except mix and match for what she doesn’t have yet! Or you can update an appliance for her that she’s been wanting. Another thought is to purchase a cooking class through sites like Groupon or gifting her a lovely recipe book. Get creative!

* A recipe box that she can store the many recipes she’s come up with over the years – and pass it down to you later on.

* A cute apron like this cherry apron for when she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen

* A Kitchen Aid mixer in a beautiful pastel color (mom will love this)

* New Kitchen Towels (this “Best Mom Ever” one!)

* A New Bakeware Set- we all need them! (Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch® Nonstick 6-Piece Essentials Bakeware Set are also on sale)




The Entertainer

I think I’m going to be one of those moms: people over at dinner every week, records playing in the background, candles lit, and a pretty red dress and red lipstick. I love entraining. Does your mom love entertaining? Put together a gift she’ll use over and over for her dinner parities, soirees, and family celebrations.

* A Cheeseboard Marble & Wood Cheese Board. I would even include some cheese she could try out that very day! Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have a lovely collection of cheeses.

* These beautiful champagne saucers in a set of 4.

* This champagne bucket (maybe add some champagne to go along?)

* A Tea light fondue set (perfect for either indoor or outdoor entertaining)

* And lastly, a lovely blush pink dinner service for 4. Great if you are going for a pastel gift theme.





The Fashionista

My mother taught me style – growing up, she would always dress me in classic styles and sometimes trends. She’s still classic but is probably trendier than me. So if your mother is a fashionista, give her the gift of beautiful style this mother’s day. If you want to gift her something extra special, I would invest in a beautiful purse and fill it with little trinkets, gift cards, or chocolates. She’ll be extra surprised. Or get inspired by some of these ideas:

*A beautiful purse she can wear around town. This Margaux satchel is a bit expensive but so beautiful.

* A pair of sunnies for her next girls shopping day. These are only $16 and would be great in a gift basket.

* A giftcard to her favorite online store or a new wallet filled with gift cards. This is a cute and inexpensive wallet.

*A new watch so she can keep track of time and still look super chic!

* A silk scarf that is both fashionable and cozy! If she likes prints: Gal Meets Glam Silk Scarf

* A shopping trip with you! You can be her personal stylist (I do this with my mom) or you can go to a store that has personal styling services and book her an appointment! She’ll appreciate the personal and boutique experience.





The Jewelry Lover

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Yes, even to moms. Surprise your mom with a beautiful charm or a diamond necklace. On a budget? Not to worry! There are some really great jewelry pieces I’ve rounded up below that won’t break your bank. You mother will love these chic but simple pieces that will go with many of her outfits. Check out the mothers day ideas here:

*A lovely pair of earrings. Gift these in a little box and add some chocolate.

*An arc angel pendant necklace to let her know she’s always protected..

*This simple heart ring is perfect for a mommy and me matching set! Get one for yourself and  wear it together. My mom and I have a BFF’s necklace we wear. It’s such a lovely sentiment and it means a lot to her that I keep her so close throughout the day.

*A  jewelry case is a must have for trips. This one is classic and feminine and will hold all you need to take with for a short trip or vacation. Fits in your luggage like a charm!

*Don’t know where to look for Jewelry? One of my favorite stores is BaubleBar. They have such a cute collection of items that are modern yet classic. Take a look. If you can’t decide what Mom will like, just give her a gift card!






Perfume is a classic gift and there are plenty of gift sets that you can give to mom and that she’ll love. Here are a few ideas for moms that have different scent preferences. I’ve tried all of these in the stores and really liked them. For an added touch, set these lovely perfumes in a classic purse.

*For the mom that love classic Chanel: No 5, Eau De Parfum Spray. Put it in a black box and fill with white rose petals for a lovely and luxurious presentation.

*A darker floral scent with some sandalwood and patchouli: Coco Noir, Eau De Parfum Spray

*For moms that like modern floral notes: ‘Flowerbomb’ Set

*If you’d like to give a set instead (more bang for your buck) I really love The Jo Malone London Collection Set and The Prada ‘Candy’ Set.




The Beauty Junkie

Mom’s love makeup – let me tell you. My mother shops at Sephora like there’s no tomorrow. She loves finding new ways to achieve a youthful look in her age (I think she’s gorgeous the way she is). But makeup is a great way to express ones self. If you’re mom is a beauty junkie, I recommend booking her a complete makeup session at Sephora. Just make an appointment and take her in! It’s that simple. I would suggest doing this during the day (especially if you are all going to to a nice dinner later). Otherwise, here are some other great gift ideas that can be given to her in a new makeup bag!

* A new brush set like this Sigma Essentials Brush set

*Facial wipes for makeup removal. These always come in handy! My favorite are these MAC “makeup wipes“.

*A matte eyeshadow palette is a must for women who like subtle makeup looks. This Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk palette is a great choice and won’t break the bank!

*A classy woman loves red lipstick. My mom’s favorites are this one and this one

* She’ll also appreciate some concealer, which is great for any under eye dark circles. If you were anything like me as a child, you probably gave your mom a lot of stress and sleepless nights! My mom loves the NARS cancealer for under the eye.





The Spa Lover

Being a mama ain’t easy. Give your mom the gift of pampering this mother’s day. Why don’t you book a spa night or massage for your mother? Here are some ideas that you can put together in a gift basket for a more “at home” spa night:

*A relaxing scented candle like Voluspa Prosecco Maison Candle or diptyque ‘Vanille’ Scented Candle

*A luxurious robe that she can relax in during her spa night on Mother’s Day. This one is extra cozy! I own one and it’s so luxurious feeling – better than a hotel robe!

*A complete skin care set like this one  (a great value and my mother’s favorite). These are super easy to gift and come with things she probably would like to try out anyways! My mom is always looking for sets because you can try a little of everything at once.

*Body Creams and Exfoliants. This rose scrub (smells yummy) is perfect for summer and before a spray tan (also another idea – take her for a spray tan!). She can then follow up with a relaxing anti fatigue body cream as she sips away on a glass of wine!

* And of course, a little chocolate – because every spa night needs some yummy chocolate.





The Travel Bug

Maybe you don’t want to give mom a gift basket, a few presents, or chocolate and a card. Maybe you want to give her something a bit more personal, a bit more exciting, and adventurous. Why not give mom the trip of her lifetime? Below are some suggestions for booking trips and my mother’s dream vacation spots. At the end there are also some cute travel accessories if she already has a trip planned.

*The Only&Only Resorts are where my mom wants to stay! That and Hamilton Island in Australia.  She’s always wanted to go there and shhh, don’t tell her, I’m secretly saving up to gift this trip to her!

*Or maybe your mom is the sea faring type! Gift her and Dad a special cruise with Princess Cruises. Choose from a variety of destinations with awesome excursions and activities.

*Get Mom some new luggage like this one and this one. Now she can travel in style!

*Air travel can get pretty uncomfortable. Adding this neck pillow to the gift set will help Mom relax!

*Who wants to shampoo everyday while on vacay? #aintnobodygottimeforthat – Give mom some Dry Shampoo she can take with on her next trip!

*Help your mother capture the memories with a new camera. This one is really lightweight and under $100!.





The Beach Babe

If you’re already planning a tropical trip for your mother (see suggestions above) then you can get her some beach accessories she’ll take with. No trip? No problem – you can still get her some amazing gifts that she can take poolside or to the lake. The beach is such a relaxing place, don’t you think?

*Get mom a cute beach tote like this Longchamp ‘Large Le Pliage’ Tote. For an extra beach effect – fill this tote with other little beach/summer related gifts.

*She’ll need some sunscreen to protect her skin while out at the beach.

*Get mom some adorable and affordable sandals – just put in the tote!

*Let’s not forget new beach towels she can quickly put in her new tote! This palm print towel is perfect for the beach.

*Add in a cute coverup for those beautiful ocean sunsets she’ll be seeing on her adventures. This one in light blue and under $50 flatters all!

*Mom needs to stay hydrated even though she’ll be near the water – check out this S’well ‘Turquoise Blue’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle to add into the gift package.





The Tech Junkie

Sometimes I feel like my mom knows more about iPhones then I do. Or the latest tech things to come out. So for the mom that’s tech savy, here are some gift ideas. I would, of course, get gift cards if you don’t know what tech accessories she’d really like. Gift her some tech accessories with a cute little gift basket. Make it extra special by adding a cute bow on top! Here are some ideas for what can go into the gift basket:

*A cute phone case. Women love to accessorize their phone with cases that match their personality. I love this white marble phone case and this jungle leaves print phone case from Kate Spade.

*Everyone needs an extra phone charger, especially busy moms. Give this wireless dock charger and she’ll have one she can fashionably carry in her purse!

*If mom has an iPad, consider getting her a cute and protectable cover classic iPad cover case).

* Is mom a typer? Then you might want to help her and get a standing desk. It will help with posture and fatigue.



The Music Lover

My mom loves to enjoy music, especially when cooking or during spa nights. I mean, you’re painting your nails – can’t really flip through magazines can you? Music is such a creative outlet and will fill mom’s space with the sounds she loves the best. Give your mom the gift up music. Here are some ideas:

* Wireless Bose headphones so she can listen to audiobooks or music while running errands, doing things around the house, or on the beach.

*Does mom have some vinyl records sitting around? Give her a new portable record player. Now she can listen to her records in any room!

*Speaking of vinyl, maybe her record storage needs some updating! Here’s a cute vinyl storage shelf.

*If you plan on doing a spa night with mom (or giving her spa related things), consider gifting this Spa Relaxation CD (only $8!) that she can play while soaking in the bath or relaxing with cucumbers.





The Workout Lover

Working out is something many moms try to fit into their schedule. I know sometimes getting new gear and accessories can speed this process along and actually motivate people to work out (I know it’s true for me). So if mom is a workout lover, why not get her some cute new accessories she can rock?

*A A pink marbled yoga mat to relieve everyday stress. This yoga video is great for beginners, especially if going to classes are not an option.

*A cute ice bag for those sore muscles after a workout. This English Ice Cap 11-inch Reusable Ice Bag is a really cute print and inexpensive.

*Has mom tried foam rolling yet? This deep tissue foam roller is great for relieve pain and stress.

*Or get mom a fitbit for tracking steps or running.

*New workout clothes are probably in your mom’s future. You can both go shopping together for workout gear! Some great stores are Old Navy, and Target for inexpensive workout clothes. Make a date out of it and then head to a Mommy and Me workout class together! She’ll love the company.




The Decorator

When all the kids are out of the house, I’m sure mom wants to decorate her way. Give her the gift of new home decor items this mother’s day. My mother loves to collect little knick knacks to display around the apartment – especially on trips. But she also loves to incorporate some more modern trends into the space, keeping it cozy but sophisticated. If you’d like to browse some cute handmade gifts, check out Etsy.

*A new soft and neutral throw will look great on the couch and keep mom cozy and warm during the winter! Bonus points if you give her a cozy candle and a good book. This gift might be fun to include into the coffee/tea lover gift collection.

*Adding in some cute pillows will give mom’s space a brand new look for the season ahead.  This “Home” pillow cover will be a nice gift that brings back memories of your times together at home.

*Everyone could use new sheets and duvet covers. Check out these sheets and this matching beautiful duvet and sham set They are simple but luxurious! I particularly like the duvet cover, blue is such a peaceful color and the nautical theme is perfect for summer.

*If mom likes outdoor entertaining (or indoor, of course) then she’ll love this gingham oversized tablecloth for summer.

*Make memories with mom or perhaps put up old photos: get mom some beautiful picture frames for the home.

*Or for an experience, head over to a local flea market or antiques market with her for a day trip and have fun spending the day together looking for new home decor. Sometimes the most memorable gift is the one you do together.




If you all enjoyed this mother’s day gift guide – I’ve got something extra special for you!


Which gift type best fits your mother? What do you plan on giving her this mother’s day? Leave a comment below and let’s share ideas with each other! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! You are lovely! 

xo Mariam

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  25. What a great guide not just for Mothers Day but in general! I always buy my Mom a spa gift certificate as that is money she would never spend on herself but something I know she deserves! Thanks for all the great ideas! xo C

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    • Mariam wrote:

      What a sweet gift, Courtney. My mom is the same way – she would never think of getting that for herself! She’s so selfless. I hope your mother has a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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    Woah girl- this is INCREDIBLY thorough and i love it!! I just got off the phone with my mom and was thinking about how I need to get her something really special this year.

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      Thanks Ryan! I hope you find something your mom will love! I created this guide with my mom in mind – she’s very dear to me and I know other moms will love some of these things as well.

      xo Mariam

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