My Favorite Makeup For A Vintage Look

Tyra Banks famously said “I love the confidence that makeup gives me”

Preach it girl! Because my makeup look isn’t too common (at least not IRL) but it gives me confidence like no other look.

I’m talking about none other than my ever so worn Vintage/Pinup Makeup look.


Cat eyes, red lips, and circle blush.


I can’t stop & won’t stop. The nude trend was never really my thing. I can’t wear pink lipstick to save my life, and you can forget about really dramatic smoky eye looks. Obviously you should wear what you want. But I’m going to share all the makeup products I use to wear a “vintage” look.

The real secret to a great vintage make-up look? A great base + vision. Stay hydrated. Use masks and pamper your skin religiously. Use moisturizer and make sure to wait a minute or two after each application so you can let it really sink in.

With that, let’s dive right into make-up:




with {Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer}

Basically, you need a base for your makeup and this peaches mattifying primer from Too Faced. I use about 2 pumps and use sweeping motions when applying to the face. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes before applying your foundation so it can sink in.

The biggest mistake women make is not letting the product absorb.



with {Lock-it Tattoo Foundation}

With any vintage look – you want to avoid being overly dewy. Everything is pretty much matte and the best way to achieve that is with a full coverage foundation. This one from Kat Von D can cover tattoos so it can definitely cover ANY little dark circles, pimples, and spots. Trust me, this stuff is the best,



with {Cheap Sephora Blush in Shy}

For a classic vintage/pinup look, apply blush on the apple of the cheeks and ONLY the apples. Don’t bronze, don’t go full 80’s blush. Just chill with the blush brush. You seriously only need a little because it goes a long way. Oh, & this blush was like $14 so = win.



with {Dark Brown Brow Pomade}

You have liberty to play with your brows and make them either bold or natural in this instance. I love strong and full brows (because they work with my bangs) & use this brow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills so they last ALL day.

Literally – all day. 



with {Boudoir Eyes Palette}

For a more pin up or old Hollywood look, make sure you create a really defined cut crease. That means making sure the spot where your crease is has a darker shadow running through it. I use this cut crease tutorial on youtube for reference. Avoid bold colors and just use the neutrals – white, browns, grays, light pinks and blacks.



with {Gel Liner & Angled Brush}

This is hands down my favorite way to create a vintage cat eye. This gel liner does NOT dry out like most of the other ones do. It has a 12 hour wear and is waterproof too. The liner comes with an angled brush that is oh so perfect for steady liner application.



with {Film Noir Mascara}

Since way back when no one has false lashes, an authentic vintage look will skip the dramatic eyelashes. But…it’s 2017 and long pretty lashes are here to stay so feel free to cheat a little with this amazing mascara. One coat is seriously all you need for that doe-eyed look.



with {Liquid Lipstick}

Red lipstick is iconic of vintage makeup because…well…all they had back then was the color red. It was done by crushing beetles. Fun.

But red lipstick is still iconic and my new favorite red lipstick is in liquid form! Anastasia Beverly Hills has created the perfect formula for fiery red lips with just one swipe. And you can carry it with you everywhere you go for touch ups.


Complete your look with this finishing spray. It makes everything matte and can survive all sorts of weather conditions. No joke – I was caught in a rainstorm this week and my makeup was PERFECTLY intact.

Whew that was a lot! Hopefully I covered everything. Once you have your makeup set throw on a cute wiggle dress, kitten heels, and this coat for a old Hollywood look that is effortless and chic.

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