Ways to Take Care of Your Hair in The New Year

What better time to start fresh?

I’m talking about fresh hair, of course! And no, I don’t just mean a new cut or a new do – but steps you can take to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh this year.

Your hair is an important part of your appearance and if you want it to be healthy, you need to treat it right – putting in lots of good things and taking away bad things.

I want to share with you my favorite tips to keep your hair healthy all year round, Keep reading!


Are you caring for your hair this year? If your hair feels damaged, dry, or unruly, you need to check out this post with amazing hair care tips to follow from a blogger who has beautiful hair! Click through to the post to read all these hair care tips to follow.

Stop the Damage

If you have damaged hair, the best way to keep it healthy is stop whatever damage you are doing to it.

Do you get it processed often? That is one of the ways it can get damaged. Look into moisturizing masks, color treatments like Olaplex, or simply cut down the amount of times you process it.

If your hair is damaged from styling, you need to either stop styling it as much or take preventive measure such as always using heat protectant, doing moistruizing treatments, and being gentle with heat.



Let It Air Dry

The best way to keep hair healthy is to air dry it. As previously mentioned, heat is one of the worst ways to damage your hair.

Even with heat protectant, hair is vulnerable to becoming very damaged with constant blow drying use. This happens especially with women who blow dry their hair straight only to have it curled within an hour. You are putting a ton of heat on your delicate hair.


Not Eating or Drinking Well

Our hair relies on vital proteins and nutrients that make up the cells that keep it growing strong and long. A good way to keep your hair healthy is to make sure you are eating well balanced meals with a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Keeping hydrated is also extremely important to provide moisture not only to your skin, but your hair as well. I always find my hair looks and feels better if I drink up to 3 glasses of water a day.

The 8 cups a day thing doesn’t go down well with me. How much water you need to intake depends on a lot of factors. So please ask your GP for advice first.

My favorite way to stay hydrated is by filling up this glass water bottle and drinking through it the entire day. I set goals for myself to finish a glass by morning, late afternoon, and in the evening. I have water with every meal and skip the sugary beverages.


Gentle Brushing

Do you ever brush your hair right out of the shower only to find clumps on your brush? And then your head starts to hurt?

I know we all want to get rid of tangles right away but over brushing your hair can cause a lot of damage. If you are pulling on wet hair, you might be causing it to break. The same goes for detangling when you have dry hair.

My favorite way to brush hair is using a detangler brush and start brushing from the bottom. Then I work my way up using small amounts of hair, making sure that each peace is detangled. This method ensures less breakage.




Avoid Pulling

The top knot buns are in – but keeping your hair in a tight or loose bun may not be the best way to keep hair healthy. Top knots cause breakage due to hair ties. If you need to tie your hair back for work or working out, use a soft silk scrunchie, like this one.

This will prevent that pulling and tightness caused by a regular elastic hair band. I would suggest keeping your down (and out of a headband) as much as possible.

I know, i know. It’s a comfort thing. But the last thing you want is a receding hairline, right?


Sleep on Silk

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps eliminate frizz and tangles. And it also helps you with wrinkle prevention! The material we keep close to our skin is really important as it absorbs our oils and can get stuck in the fabric. This is also a really great way to make your hair care routine more luxurious.

In case you didn’t already guess from other items feature in this post, this brand makes amazing silk hair products, including a silk pillowcase.




How will you be keeping your hair healthy this year? Which of these tips are you already doing? Which will you start doing? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.


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