What’s In My Makeup Bag

I’ve come to the age where I know my makeup preferences and what products work for me or don’t. And everyday my love of my makeup intensifies. I teach myself new ways to use what I have to create signature looks. At 25, I’m learning that I don’t need too many makeup products. I don’t need to buy the latest & greatest. A few essentials can be just as luxurious!

Today I’m sharing my makeup bag essentials with you as I know a lot of readers want to know what I use to achieve my modern (and subtle) vintage pinup makeup look.


I’ve taken a while to find a perfect full coverage and pale friendly foundation. But it finally happened over 3 months ago at the Sephora VIB sale. Bobbi Brown has always been a great brand for my skin – from the moisturizer to the gel liner, this brand is probably my most used. This particular shade is actually new to their collection. It’s a combination between ivory and porcelain. My skin tone is a mix of that so it’s perfect for both cold and warm seasons. I don’t tan (and I am adamant about wearing a hat to protect my face), so my skin never needs major foundation adjustments.





This Too Faced Peachy Cooling Matte Primer feels really great on my skin. I’ve also tried about a dozen primers and nothing has gotten quite close to the matte result this one produces. There’s been a lot of hype about what the best primers are. And having tried most of them, I can tell you this one does not clog my pores or feel weird. Sometimes primers can have a heavy gel/silicone feeling. This primer feels and smells great.




Loose Powder

I skip concealer (the foundation is enough coverage) and go straight to setting my face with loosed translucent powder from Laura Mercier. This setting powder is quite lovely – light and doesn’t clog my pores. Most importantly, my makeup stays! I don’t even have to use a setting spray on top of my makeup anymore.




Liquid Lipsticks

Most days, I’ll grab a liquid lipstick to get my pinup look in a jiffy. One coat is all I need since I’ve started using these Victoria Secret Velvet Matte Lipsticks. Mum and I went shopping the other week and stopped into the VS downtown only to find they had greatly expanded their beauty section. They had a sale for buy two get one free so I choose 3 colors that I thought would suit my skin tone (and makeup look) the best. The beauty about these lipsticks is that they are truly stain free – even after meals and drinks.

From top to bottom (pictured above):

Desire: True Red – for the perfect red vintage lip. This one far surpasses the Anastasia Beverly Hills red lip I have been wearing for quite some time.

So Gorgeous: Pale Pink – the prettiest pink lip I have ever worn because of this gem! Pink doesn’t usually come through on me so it’s so refreshing to have that color stay.

Seduced: Deep Raspberry Red – this one is a great mix of the two above and is perfect for those that prefer a darker lip.

There’s a sale going on right now to get 2 for $18 so make sure you check out all the other wonderful colors!





Ever since I’ve gotten the Tarte Clay palette, I’ve not had to use any other eyeshadows. This palette provides the perfect nude colors with a touch of glitter on some of them. The palette also features a bronzer/countour, blusher, and highlighter. Oh, and it also smells like chocolate! So essentially, it’s perfect.


I’ve also been using the Tarte Sex Kitten Gel Eyeliner which actually comes in kohl and a gel tip. It’s as easy to use a liquid liner (and I’m only using that part). Easy to carry and creates the perfect cat eye that lasts all day!

Eyebrow Powder

The one eyebrow product I can always rely on is the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow powder. I have naturally bushy eyebrows so they don’t need much filling in. I take a small tip brush, dip it in the powder, and just fill in the sparse places.




Overall, I find simplicity is best with makeup. That’s not to say I don’t have drawers stuffed with different lipsticks, foundations, or eyeshadow colors. I like to experiment, to play with textures and colors, and to try a new look everyone in a while. It’s ok to collect makeup – just make sure you’re actually using it within a few months. Some of you may remember by big “makeup clean out”. Since doing that I have been more conscious about how much makeup I’m buying. Less is better – not only for your wallet but for the environment.


Did you like this post? I’d love to know. Have you ever done a makeup cleanse? How did it feel cleaning out your beauty products? Leave me a comment with your thoughts

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  1. This is an AMAZING post. I’ve actually been wanting to try Bobbi Brown foundation and Laura Mercier loose powder and you’ve convinced me!

    Posted 4.4.18 Reply

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