White Dresses For Summer Under $100

Summer is in full swing and although we are all distancing, I know most of us would like to be out and about: dressed up, makeup on, and enjoying the fresh air. A bit difficult now…but we can still find joy in dressing and being distant outdoors.  

Outfit: Dress (old from Urban Outfitters) but similar here // Hat by Treasure & Bond // Espadrilles (on sale)


There’s nothing more enjoyable for me than dressing up to just walk around and take photos. Maybe it’s the blogger in me, but I have been doing that for YEARS before blogging. I just love taking the time to get ready and taking an stroll to look at gardens, lakes, or just around the neighborhood.

My thoughts are: just because we are distancing doesn’t mean we can make an effort to feel and look good. There’s something psychologically happening when we take time to look our best. We do truly end up feeling well.

And with summer approaching it’s last legs (I don’t even want to think about this) now is a perfect time to put on a dress you’ll love. White is classic and makes your summer more elegant and classic, wouldn’t you agree? 


“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing” – Alexander Wang


White Dresses Under $100

So if you’re reading this post, I think we are in agreement that white dresses are perfect for the end of summer. They are romantic, feminine, and when made out of the right material – very breathable. That’s the best combination for me. I would rather live in a dress for years than put on a pair of jeans. It’s a comfort thing…

Looking for the perfect white dress can be a bit tricky. You won’t find too many styles available under $100 at big retailers or boutiques. I often pass up a flowy white dress when the price tag goes above $100. Price is an important factor in many people’s lives right now. Not everyone can shop at flowy dress central: ShopBop, so we turn to other retailers on the hunt for the best deal.

Here’s some inexpensive white dresses for summer under $100 that I found this week:



I find the best pairing for a white dress is a beautiful straw hat: floppy or not flexible, whatever is your preference. I find the floppy hats are great for not only adding more intrigue to the outfit, but it’s a functional purpose: protecting you from the sun. If it’s big and floppy, it will likely cover your shoulders, an area most people forget about when it comes to sun damage. Can’t ever be too careful – so in addition to wearing your hat, make sure to wear sunscreen!

I’m wearing a, sadly, sold out hat from the brand Treasure & Bond, but you may find some similar ones below:



Thoughts on wearing white? Do you find it is classic or “too old school?” Some have strong opinions about this. I personally love it! Leave your thoughts below on this post, let’s chat!


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