Why I Quit Doing This One Thing To My Hair

Balayage is such a popular hair technique but with long lasting damaging results – something I’ve learned the hard way over the past 2 years. When I first did it, I was so happy. My hair was sort of blonde and I felt like my hair was finally trendy. But as the months went on, I realized I was paying a heavy price for it.

Here’s what happened to my hair because of doing balayage:


01/ My then stylist went too blonde too fast  – to the point where I looked I had clown hair. My stylist didn’t take my root color into consideration and rushed to process during each appointment. I had jet black bangs with blonde on the bottom of my hair….akward.

02/ My hair started breaking – I would try to take care of my gorgeous caramel/blonde locks only to find tons of hair at the bottom of the shower and on my brush. It would take forever to grow because it would just break (didn’t use any heating products by the way!).

03/ The color turned brassy – no amount of purple shampoo stopped my color from going orange. And every time I went back to a redo, the stylist toned it but wouldn’t do much else.

04/ My hair started costing me over $300 every 2 months – I would go back for toners, to blend things in more, to be less blonde, to get it close to the root. But nothing helped it look any better.


What I do now instead and how I keep my hair healthy:


01/ Got a new stylist who took care of darker hair – he took me from an orange clown into a more subtle bronze when I first came in and it was fabulous! The next thing he did was dye my hair back to black, my natural color. I wanted to get rid of the blonde and my hair looks healthy now. Consider your natural color before making any drastic changes. The upkeep is very difficult!

02/ Deep condition – I deep condition 1 time a week because my hair is only shoulder length. But it’s a good idea to condition color treated hair. I actually use the Restorative Hair Mask from MOROCCANOIL because it’s budget friendly, smells great, and actually treats my hair.

03/ Wash as little as possible – let your hairs natural oils protect it. I wash my hair every 2 days or so. Be gentle with your hair. Over washing can dry it out. If you have bangs that get oily fast, use a dry shampoo (here’s the brunette version) like this one.

04/ Air dry & be gentle – I try to do this as much as possible and usually shower the night before. I brush my hair from the bottom  and work my way up when it’s wet to help it break less. And remember, never roughly dry your hair with a towel, just pat. Use a detangling spray and detangling brush and work slowly.

05/ Use quality products but sparingly – detangler and heat protectant are important if you have crazy hair like me. But don’t use too much. Make sure you like the brand, the smell, and how it works. I love all of Drybar’s products for my hair care (but not everyday). Check out some of my favorites below.


I’m happy with my natural color. And to be honest, blonde just didn’t suit my skin tone. The cost of upkeep was ridiculous. The lesson I learned is that hair trends are not for everyone but you should try it out and if you don’t like it, don’t be afraid to speak up about it to your stys.st. You should never feel pressured to like your hair. But no matter what kind of style or color you’re rocking, if you’re happy and your hair is healthy, that’s all  that matters.

Have you ever done something that damaged your hair? What was it? What helped? Let me know in the comments below.

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