Why Not…Wear A Regal Red Lipstick?

My personal obsession with red lipstick started when I was. 16. I spent the summer watching classic films and playing “dress up” with vintage inspired clothing and makeup looks. I quickly learned just how lovely red lipstick was on me. It was the first time I “looked” grown up even though in my head, I was years beyond my friends and classmates. To say I never felt like I quite fit in was an understatement. I just didn’t.

Putting on red lipstick became my go to “power move” when I felt vulnerable.

At 16, I kept it super light – a summery peach with just a hint of strawberry lips. But as I got older, my reds got stronger and bolder. I was soon the 21 year old on campus rocking a red lip everyday and feeling like nothing could stop me. Such was the power of a red lipstick on my confidence.

Despite the “50s housewife” insults hurled at me by my own friends (now former friends), my red lipstick made me feel powerful, made me feel feminine, and most importantly, gave me a feeling of regality that I thought I lacked in presence. You see, being a 4’11 woman isn’t always easy. You’re often overlooked, talked down to like a child, and not taken seriously. Red lipstick brought in a new presence in my life. It gave me authority. It gave me….agency.

In todays post, I chat about.. Why Not, Wear A Regal Red Lipstick. And I chat about which one is my favorite!

Why Not...Wear A Regal Red Lipstick? The Petite Bijou shares the best red lipstick that will make you feel regal!

Whatever happened to red lipstick anyways?

For centuries, women have been crushing up red beetles to use as red lipstick to draw attention to their lips. The color red draws in the eye and alludes to mystery, sexuality, and femininity. We all use the color red when we feel bold, when we feel sexy, and when we want to feel those ways as well. It isn’t just for the lady who is already confident. It’s for the lady who wants to become that way too.

Red lipstick is a bold choice in this day and age. Not because of it’s color, but because so many people are following the footsteps of major celebrities and opting in for a more “neutral” or “natural” makeup look.

There’s nothing wrong with either of those, by the way. I love a natural makeup look. I even love a no makeup look! But I feel red lipstick isn’t getting the attention of many people these days. Either because of it’s connotations to “retro” or because its a color many people are not comfortable wearing just quite yet.

Our society strays away from red lipstick as an everyday color. It’s time to change that.


Why Not…Wear A Regal Red Lipstick?

I personally find nothing wrong with wearing a red lipstick no matter what time of day or where you are going. To work, to play, to the gym, or even out to go grocery shopping. Red lipstick can be versatile and there’s absolutely no reason not to try wearing a regal red lipstick.

A perfect regal red lipstick is Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velour Extreme in shade 116. A classic matte and fast drying shade used on royalty herself. Well, almost. Victoria’s star Jenna Coleman has been spotted wearing this shade and I actually found her makeup artists Instagram page that listed this wonderful color on Jenna in this photo.


It’s a solid color. It’s a nice shade that is versatile for business meetings, morning coffee runs, and date nights. I wore this lipstick for holiday festivities and got a lot of compliments. I got one for my mom, my aunt, and my best friend! It’s a shade everyone wants to know when they see it. You can find it at Nordstrom here.

There’s regality in this deep, almost plum, shade of red. I would argue it’s one of the most universally flattering shades of red lipstick there is.

A Bijou Tip: Before using this lipstick, prep your lips with this E.l.f cosmetics lip exfoliator. It’s cheap and it works so well!


What are your thoughts on this shade of regal red? Are you a red lipstick woman yourself? Or do you prefer another color and why? Thank you so much for stopping by The Petite Bijou. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.



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