Why You Need To Make Smart Style Choices Online

Everyday hundreds of people click the “add to cart” button without giving things a second thought. This is increasing more and more due to automatic programs like shopping directly from influencers and social media platforms.

But are we making smart shopping and style choices?

Most likely, the answer is NO. Temptation to “buy” is ever present, but most of us don’t think twice about a few key things when it comes to shopping for clothes.

1. Is the quality good?

2. Is the price per wear appropriate?

3. Will I wear this again and again?

4. Does it truly fit my style and will it remain timeless?

Without answering these questions, we’re making poor style choices buy purchasing things just because….

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You Need To Decide What To Consume

I only purchase product and style recommendations from people and brands who fit my aesthetic, budget, and mission: to be elegant and timeless in a world of trends. So I’ve become quite selective with the brands and influencers I follow over at @thepetitebijou

A long time ago, I made the decision to figure out what my style truly encapsulated and promised myself and my closet that nothing would come into it that didn’t serve a long wear purpose. This came after a realization that I was spending money on wardrobe pieces I never ended up wearing.


Fast Fashion & Quick Sales Get the Best of Us

A likely source for quick online purchases are temptations like quick sales and in demand items that are pushed out by the same influencers. You see one person wearing a dress that’s a “new arrival” at Nordstroms for example. And you scroll down to find even more people wearing the same dress. It must be a great dress, right?

More often that not, it’s just an easy way to share something they probably don’t all truly like. Maybe it’s a brand that sells quickly or has a limited wardrobe on a monthly basis (like Gal Meets Glam). That’s not to say that these brands, websites, or bloggers are fibbing about their appreciate and love for the item.

But it’s just not fair on your closet: to purchase something you’ve just seen without considering the questions above.

This is why it’s vastly important you know the quality, price point, and aesthetic you are comfortable at. Which is why this year, I’m encouraging all who are shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, to shop smart, and if your style fits with mine, shop Bijou.

CLIKC HERE to learn more about the #BijouatNordstrom Initiative.

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The Biggest Shopping Mistake Is No Purpose

Every item in your wardrobe should serve a purpose. If it doesn’t, you don’t need it. Take a vest for example. You’ve found a puffer vest online, brand name, and a bit on the expensive side. Are you going to order it because of the brand name or it looks cute?

Or will you order it because your active lifestyle requires proper clothing to keep warm on your rigorous morning walks? If you don’t already have a puffer vest, then great, get it.

Purpose is important because without it, we are contributing to a budget and environmental crisis. Don’t let your closet became a loading zone of unhelpful online purchases you wear once.


Final Tips on Shopping Smart

I hear from so many readers about how they’re actively trying to build a capsule wardrobe, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. It’s ok, it won’t happen in a day. But you need to make smarter online shopping decisions. And I can honestly say that content and shopping overwhelm is real.

Beat it by setting an intention for your closet. Give it a purpose (I’ll chat more about this soon!) and buy only what makes sense for


Your lifestyle

And your budget


One final way I can encourage you to cut through the clutter, so to say, is to decide what you’d like to influence you and stick with it. Your favorite blogs (I hope I’m one of them!), magazines, time periods, whatever! Get inspired and don’t be tempted with trends, quick sales, and marketing messages. Stay true to you and your closet.


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    100% agree! It’s hard to sometimes evaluate, “do I really need this”, but so much better for your closet!

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