ThePetiteBijou.com is your resource for all things lovely and chic. The Petite Bijou focuses on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, and travel inspiration. Created by Mariam, a midwest based lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur; this site is a place for the everyday girl who is looking for something more than just an ordinary blog to read. She’s looking for elegance and inspiration everywhere she goes.

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Meet Mariam

Hello there, I’m Mariam – a lifestyle blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur based in the Windy City! I wanted to share with you a little bit about myself. Because how else would you know that I can provide the best lifestyle tips out there?

Because of my own lifestyle and journey to where I am now. 

7 years ago, I was no one special with nothing but my goofy high school grin *yay braces* and the average “I’m going to medical school” persona. It’s what everyone in my family did so I thought, why not?

But then something happened that changed my life forever

I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called Toxic Epidermal Nercryolsis Syndrome. My life has never been the same. That summer seven years ago, I was admitted into the local burn unit with painful third degree like burns everywhere. I couldn’t see, couldn’t swallow, and I was starting to die.

The doctors gave me 24 hours to lose my battle and lose my life. 

But I didn’t die. By some miracle, I survived and woke from my coma three months later. Although I was thankful for living, I lost much more over those three months: my eyesight, my healthy body, and my energy.

Fast forward six years later, I have learned so much, including what appreciating the little things in life is all about. Today, technology has allowed me to see and become an entrepreneur. I run my own social media business at Bijou Social. And I am the CEO of Blogger Crew, a social networking group for lifestyle, beauty, and style bloggers. Today, I am able to walk into a room more confident than when I was “normal”. Today, I am unapologetically me – no stress and feeling blessed.

And that’s why TODAY, I am sharing everything I’ve learned about living an intentional and effortlessly elegant life here, at The Petite Bijou. 

This blog is more than just a lifestyle blog, it’s a destination for women who seek inspiration and more than just the everyday hustle and bustle. It’s for women who want to create lovely lives with equally lovely personalities and spirits. It’s for women who spend too much time NOT appreciating what life has to offer.

Because believe me….I was once a woman who didn’t appreciate what I had. You can bet I take every opportunity to do so now.

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