Hi, I’m Mariam!

If you don’t know where to turn for lifestyle inspiration

I’m your girl

Fueled by coffee and a passion for living the best life – I support my dreams by writing inspirational content.

Most days, you’ll find me tucked at my desk, writing away, taking stylish photographs, leaving red lipstick stains on coffee cups, listening to inspiring podcasts, and cuddling with my black cats.

I serve creative millennial women by writing helpful and uplifting style, beauty, and lifestyle content in a world of narcissism. Styling outfits, showing you purchases and being luxurious to excess is fun to watch … but I like to inspire women in a more realistic way!

Let’s get you a lifestyle you’ll be happy, stylish, and content in.

I’m crazy about serving you as a storyteller and influencer, so you can make time for what matters—things like enjoying your everyday life, good books and naps.







Over the last two years of blogging I have learned what sets me apart from all the other lifestyle blogs out there. I have learned that my blog is built on these values:

Classic Elegance
Simple Femininity
Intellectual Truths
Inspirational Mindsets





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Check out these vintage headphones from the 70s too! They’re almost bigger than my head 😂
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